The Top Five FAQs About Live Receptionists

There are some common office sights in the midst of a modern twist. The old coffee pot is now an espresso machine, the snacks in the office are now fresh fruit and veggies instead of powdered donuts, and the receptionist behind the desk is now a live telecommuter at half the cost of an in-house employee.

Still, not everyone is yet familiar with live secretarial service, so we’ve answered the top five most commonly asked questions about live receptionists:

1. Is a Live Receptionist a Real Person?

Yes, a live receptionist is a real person. The receptionist provides a friendly human voice and greeting to all incoming phone calls. The receptionist also provides personal replies to all email inquiries. He or she is located at an off-site location.

2. What Comes with Live Receptionist Service?

A Davinci Live Receptionist answers phone calls, emails, and customer questions. She is the liaison between customer inquiries and the busy business owners and company employees. The live receptionist provides information relevant to the local area the customer is calling from.

3. Why Should I Choose a Live Receptionist?

A live receptionist provides a professional feel without the high cost of an additional in-house worker. The receptionist is the first impression for callers, so it's crucial for a small business to have a warm and friendly voice greeting potential clients. It also gives customers the impression of a bigger, more established company since the company has a receptionist instead of a machine. For instance, an independent electrician or a web designer can use a live receptionist to take their calls and arrange their appointments so they appear like bigger businesses rather than a one-man or one-woman enterprise.

4. Is a Live Receptionist the Right Choice for My Business?

A live receptionist is a good choice for businesses wanting to curb the costs of an additional in-house worker. A live receptionist is also a good fit for a start-up or a small business looking to add the extra level of professionalism to callers while saving money with a remote worker instead of an in-house worker.

5. Can I Use a Live Receptionist if My Company is Overseas?

Yes, a live receptionist is a good choice for an international company looking to establish local presence in overseas markets. Companies can have local phone numbers for all locations. Live receptionists are a modern answer to an old-school problem. The phone is ringing; your Davinci Live Receptionist is ready to take the call.


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