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Work-life Balance While On Vacation

The degree of required work-life balance to feel productive, fulfilled and ‘balanced’ varies from individual-to-individual, culture-to-culture and situation-to-situation. Work-life balance doesn’t automatically mean less work … it means feeling the most productive, fulfilled and successful in meeting the individual demands of a person’s daily needs without feeling overworked, overstressed or exhausted.

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Work-Life Balance and the Virtual Office, Part 5

Work-life balance. It's the subject of ongoing studies that make headlines in industrialized countries around the world. But the New Economics Foundation (nef) is putting a new twist on the topic by suggesting a 21-hour workweek could be the answer to work-life balance – and much more.

In the final segment of this five-part series on "Work-Life Balance and the Virtual Office," we'...

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Work-Life Balance and the Virtual Office, Part 4

Could a 21-hour workweek be the answer to many of society's ills? And where do virtual offices fit into the mix? That's been the topic of our weeklong series on "Work-Life Balance and the Virtual Office."

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Work-Life Balance and the Virtual Office, Part 1

A brand new study predicts a 21-hour work week is inevitable. Dubbed 21 hours, the New Economics Foundation, or nef, study forecasts a major shift in the length of the formal work week as a consequence of dealing with key economic, social and environmental problems. Could the virtual office play a role?

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