Meet the Virtual Assistants You’ll Never Meet

NEW YORK-A good virtual assistant is a boon to your business—and your life. Virtual assistants can help you with professional and personal tasks that you don’t have time—or don’t want to take your valuable time—to complete.

Whether you work in a virtual office or in a traditional location, your virtual assistant is just that—virtual. But the benefits are very real.

The Financial Times just published an article on virtual assistants that hints at many benefits. Alison Maitland penned the article entitled, “The personal assistant I never see” and chronicles the experience of Sylvia Doyle.

“I’m still learning, but the benefits [of a virtual assistant’ are huge,” Doyle told the Financial Times. “I’m outsourcing everything other than the things I do very well myself. I feel I have the capacity to grow the business and the confidence to do it successfully.”

Like many others, Doyle believes a virtual assistant must reflect her values. It can take time to establish a relationship with a virtual assistant, but Doyle has discovered that it helps her business.

Could a virtual assistant help your business? Do you need help answering calls? Completing light office work? Handling e-mails? A virtual assistant could help you with all this and more. One of the keys is finding a competent virtual assistant who works.

That’s where Davinci Virtual Office Solutions comes in. Davinci Virtual offers vetted virtual assistants that can help you accomplish your professional and personal goals.


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