Tricks to Increase Your Productivity While Working From Home

There are currently more remote workers than ever before as the world continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, and millions of people are realizing that working from home is not as easy as it might seem. New remote workers have to adapt to their new work environment, but it is easier said than done. The freedom and flexibility of working from home can also create new problems, and working from a space not typically used for work can bring other issues. Thankfully, there are many methods remote workers can use to remain focused and productive while working from home. By using your personal blend of useful tips and tricks, you can successfully work from home. 

Tune Out Distractions, Turn Up Helpful Audio

Noise can be terribly distracting. When you are working in a traditional office, there are generally fewer noises that can distract you from your work, but your home might not follow the same quiet rules. If you live alone, you can control how loud your house is and make it as quiet as you need while working, but people who share a home with other people might not have that luxury. Talk with your housemates to set quiet hours when you are working so you can focus without distractions or ask that your housemates limit their activities to a specific area of the house away from where you are working. Compromises are not always possible, but asking for reasonable accommodations is an excellent first step. 

If you are unable to work in a quiet environment or prefer to listen to something while you work, investing in a pair of wireless headphones is a good choice. Tune out distractions and replace them with helpful audio of your choice. Studies have shown that listening to music, podcasts, or even white noise can increase focus and productivity. Choose the audio you listen to while working carefully to help you stay productive, rather than hinder your productivity. 

Set A Schedule

When you were leaving your house to go to work, you had a schedule. Even though you are no longer leaving your home for work, a set schedule will help you maintain focus and predictability. Determine when you need to start work, when you want to take a lunch break, and when you are done with work for the day at a minimum. When you work from home, it can be easy to accidentally overwork because there is no one telling you to go home for the day; keep track of your time so you can walk away from your work when it's the end of your scheduled time. 

Small breaks throughout the day are also an excellent way to give your brain a quick rest before jumping back into work with refreshed focus. If you feel yourself mentally struggling to make decisions, stay focused, or notice your work quality is slipping, it's time for a break. Do not be afraid to take quick breaks, and go for a walk or grab a snack so that you can come back to your work in a better mindset.

Designated Work Space

Before you started working from home, your home was only associated with personal time, but now your personal space is blended with your workspace. A lack of distinction between workspace and home space can make it harder to focus as you might be distracted by other things around your house. If possible, create a separate place in your home where you can work that is only used for work. Creating the separation between workspace and home space helps you stay in the office mindset to maintain productivity. Designating an area as a workspace also helps you physically and mentally walk away from work at the end of the day and enjoy your time at home away from work. If your entire business has gone digital, you can keep many of the same benefits of a physical office by using Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. From virtual offices and mail forwarding, to live virtual receptionists and live chats, you can use these services to keep your business running remotely for a low price. 

Working from home may sound like a dream for many people. While the freedom and flexibility of working from home are fantastic perks, you have to combat new challenges while working from home that don't exist in a traditional office. Tune out distractions and use constructive audio to keep yourself entertained, but focused. Set a schedule to keep your work life predictable and prevent overwork. Include breaks in your schedule so you can keep your mind working in top form throughout the day. Designate a workspace so you can stay in the office mentality to stay productive and easily separate home time from work time. 


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