How About a Virtual Assistant Researcher With Your Coworking Space?

LOS ANGELES—I read an interesting article in Business2Community this morning. It’s called “Employing Virtual Research Assistants in Co-Working Spaces.” That gave me an idea: why not employ virtual assistants in your coworking—or your virtual office space or executive office suites—to handle your market research tasks?

“If you are running an online business or relying on your website to get more clients, working with a market researcher is a good way to go. The online market is a vast area where businesses grow, thus competition is tough,” Jobette Escobanas wrote in the article.

“As a busy entrepreneur, who has time to research about the newest marketing trends? The answer is hiring a virtual assistant researcher who can lay down all accurate facts about your target market or the latest update on marketing itself.”

Escobanas reports that virtual assistant researcher is someone who can take care of all the business information you need to know—from strategies to specific suggestions on how to increase your market productivity. She’s right when she says that efficient VA can be of great help for your growing company.

Of course, that help goes beyond research. Virtual assistants can help you with all sorts of tasks that you don’t have the bandwidth to handle. Rather than working 12 hours a day, for example, you can outsource administrative tasks, such as billing, customer service, or research—to a virtual assistant.

Indeed, virtual assistants even specialize in areas like web site development and social media. You can get a virtual assistant to handle just about any web-based task these days. So whether you work in a coworking facility, a virtual office, an executive office suite or some other alternative workspace (or even a traditional office!) why not check out how a virtual assistant can help you do more with less in 2013.


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