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Mobile B2B App Revolution

Mobile usage surpassed desktop sometime in 2014. The promises B2C mobile apps saw a couple years ago are now making their way to B2B. According to a recent study by Adobe, nearly two-thirds of businesses feel they will be at a competitive disadvantage if they don’t embrace mobile apps.

With the growth of smartphones and other mobile devices for work, and the evolution of permanent office space to on-demand workspace, B2B mobile apps have become indispensable. A study conducted by Information Solutions Group discovered an astonishing 87 percent of employers expect and rely on employees to use their smartphones to access business apps. Half of employees indicate their employers require them to use their smartphones at work, and nearly one-quarter say they are expected to use their smartphones outside of work.

DavinciMobile App

Recognizing that many of our customers are mobile and opting for on-demand workspace and meeting rooms, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions embarked on a series of three different mobile app initiatives—for both iOS- and Android-enabled devices. DavinciMobile is the mobile app companion for Davinci Virtual Assistant and Live Receptionist Services. It is highly intuitive and easy to use, while providing customers with robust capabilities.

Using DavinciMobile app, customers can take business calls, text, and fax from their Davinci Virtual phone number. Small businesses and entrepreneurs no longer need to concern themselves about where they work. They also can check, read, and listen to voice messages, as well as send and receive faxes from their smartphones. The combination of our Virtual Assistant Service and DavinciMobile app allows customers to direct answered calls to any employee, regardless of where they are working and what device they are using. And since not every call holds the same level of importance or priority such as sales calls, you can configure DavinciMobile so that those are filtered out and pushed to voice mail.

The importance of answering calls and getting prospects and customers what they need quickly and efficiently cannot be underestimated. Sixty percent of those who call you expect their calls to be answered within 60 seconds, and 34 percent of them will hang up and not call back.

Eighty-five percent of customers are willing to pay more for customer experience. At the same time, 66 percent of customers switch to other brands because of poor customer experiences. All of this adds up to a substantial business impact. A study by the Tom Peters Group finds that companies lose between 8 and 15 percent of their customer base each year, with 68 percent of those due to subpar phone experiences.

Davinci MEET App

Our Davinci MEET App enables Davinci Meeting Rooms customers to browse and reserve workspaces, conference rooms, and day offices from their mobile smartphones in a matter of a few minutes. Once they reserve their on-demand workspace and meeting room, customers receive instant confirmations on their smartphones. They also can manage reservation details by simply tapping, clicking, and swiping.

Davinci Meeting Rooms provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with on-demand workspaces and meeting rooms in myriad locations across the U.S. and 30 other countries worldwide. Day offices give you a chance to spend quiet time focused on work priorities, away from the distractions of the barista in your local coffee shop, your dog that barks every time someone walks past your home, or any number of issues that plague entrepreneurs and small business leaders who work from their home offices or local coffee shops.

And for meetings with customers, prospects, partners, employees, or media, you have the presentation and conferencing tools at your disposal. Our professional workspaces and meeting rooms enable you to look and act like a large enterprise.

Davinci LIVE App

Our Davinci LIVE app extends the capabilities of our DavinciMobile app for customers using Davinci Virtual Live Receptionist and Live Web Chat Services. Customers can update their availability status and view messages from their Live Receptionist and Live Web Chat teams instantly. For certain customer or prospect issues, you need to respond in near real time. And because many customers aren’t in front of their desktops or laptops, this gives them the ability to receive those notifications on their smartphones.

No matter your location, DavinciLIVE app allows entrepreneurs to view call activity, history, and modify schedules from a single dashboard. They also can manage call routing and messaging, access billing history, and view current and past calls and activities. And if customers run into situations where they need to engage directly with their Davinci Virtual team, they can initiate a call or live web chat directly from their mobile app.

Discover the Davinci Virtual Mobile App Advantage

Increasing numbers of Davinci Virtual customers are downloading and realizing the business value of our three mobile apps. They augment and expand the long list of benefits customers experience when using our on-demand workforce and communications services. Check out what some of our customers have to say about the apps:

“I love how efficient and smooth setting up a meeting room is with Davinci Virtual [MEET]. I will definitely be spreading the word and refer other small business owners to give Davinci Meeting Rooms a chance. They won’t be disappointed. Thank you!”

“The ability to find and use [Davinci] Meeting Room space while traveling at any moment notice is amazing. Turn on GPS and the Davinci MEET app locates Meeting Room space near me.”

“I love that I can now make calls and send faxes from my iPad and that it doesn’t cost anything! The design is gorgeous and easy to use. Thanks Davinci for developing such a cool app!”

“So happy there is an app to quickly turn to when I need to book a meeting room on the go! Thank you Davinci!”

“Great app. I love being able to make VoIP which doesn’t use up my minutes! I can also view messages and send faxes!”

If you’re not an existing customer of Davinci Virtual or Davinci Meeting Rooms, give them a try today. And don’t forget to capitalize on your investments by downloading our mobile apps today.


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