15 Benefits of Virtual Receptionist Services

There are many benefits to hiring a virtual receptionist, or someone who answers your calls remotely. A dedicated virtual receptionist can bolster your organization’s image, offer exceptional customer care, and improve your online presence. With so much to gain at a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee, affordable virtual receptionist services are becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses.

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is an innovative service that manages phone interactions for businesses from afar, much like a traditional receptionist. This remote professional is adept at handling a variety of tasks, including efficiently answering calls, taking detailed messages, and expertly scheduling appointments, all from a distant call center or similar setup. These virtual receptionists offer a bespoke, tailored approach to handling calls, ensuring each interaction aligns perfectly with the unique requirements and overall feel of your business. It's a blend of personalized care and professional handling, redefining customer engagement from a distance.

While there are many reasons to consider abandoning the traditional customer service model, here are the top 15 ways your company can benefit from hiring virtual receptionists.

Benefits of Virtual Receptionist Services

1. Professional Image

Having a loyal client base is important for any industry, and one way to boost both your current and potential customers’ confidence is to maintain a professional image. A dedicated virtual receptionist can provide care off-site and away from distractions, ensuring quality customer service that meets both you and your customers’ standards.

2. Web Chat Customer Service 

Customer service isn’t limited to phone support. A virtual receptionist’s skills can provide the same care on your website by engaging your visitors with web chat. Your web visitors can receive quick answers to any online inquiries, increasing your online presence and converting it into an interactive sales tool.

3. Increased Productivity

Perhaps the most essential task of all, but also the most time consuming, is call answering. With a live virtual receptionist, you can decrease interruptions and increase productivity. A trained professional will answer all incoming calls with a personalized greeting, forwarding only the ones requiring your attention.

4. Schedule Appointments

Save even more time with appointment scheduling services provided by a virtual receptionist. While you tend to your business, a virtual receptionist schedules meetings and appointments online.

5. Industry Trained

If your business requires a specially-trained individual, a live virtual receptionist can still meet your business needs. By choosing a company to provide a live receptionist familiar with your industry’s practices, you can easily and affordably hire someone who is already prepared to meet your management needs. You do not have to invest any time or effort to train a virtual receptionist.

6. Order Processing

A virtual receptionist’s duties include much more than phone support. They may also place orders and process payments through your e-commerce system and answer customer questions regarding their orders.

7. Low Monthly Cost vs. Hiring a Full-Time Employee

Hiring a full-time staff member can be needlessly expensive. Not only do you need to pay their salary, but you must also create a workspace and provide the necessary equipment for them to perform their duties. However, you can save money by hiring a live virtual receptionist. For as low as $149 a month, you can have all the features you need to provide excellent customer care and increase productivity.

8. Reduces Overhead Operating Costs

Operating costs are not limited to paying a staff member’s salary. They can extend to maintaining a workspace and buying new supplies and equipment. By outsourcing administrative tasks to a virtual receptionist’s duties, you eliminate the need to spend more on materials. Virtual receptionist services include only the best equipment to ensure clear calls and superior customer service, and the best part­—you only pay for the minutes you need.

9. Lead Generation

In addition to simply saving your organization money, virtual receptionists can assist in increasing revenue. A professional tending to all your customers with care can yield more sales leads. Through exceptional customer service both on and offline, customers are more inclined to make purchases and invest in your business.

10. Broaden Availability to Bilingual Clients 

Targeting only English-speaking customers is an opportunity lost. By giving your organization a bilingual voice, you increase the size of your client base. With Spanish being the second most commonly spoken language in the world, it’s important to make your services available in more than one language. Some virtual receptionist’s abilities include being fluent in other languages that you need for your company. Bilingual live virtual assistants are available to expand your target demographic and improve customer satisfaction, converting great service into measurable results.

11. 24/7 Support

Whether your clients call you during office hours or off-hours, with a virtual receptionist you always have a qualified professional ready to represent your company. 

12. No Machines

When someone calls your company, how he or she is greeted starts to craft an impression of you and your services. Being welcomed to a company by an automated menu where you have to worry about saying “sales” just right is never the right first impression. 

What your clients and customers hear when they call matters. With a virtual assistant, you get a warm personal voice representing your company rather than a cold robotic system.

13. Reduced Stress

Small businesses are swamped with a never-ending list of questions and problems they have to solve. It can become stressful when you have to constantly resolve conflicts. Rather than worrying about your phone system and incoming calls, a trained virtual receptionist resolves that stress for you. Once you set up a virtual receptionist, the problem will be solved and you can spend your valuable time on something more important. 

14. Distraction-Free

Small companies have small offices, and that can lead to a lot of very distracting background noises on the phone. Virtual receptionists work in quiet, professional environments that give customers a place where they can be heard. 

15. Multiple Calls? No Problem!

One receptionist can only talk on one phone line at a time. If other calls come in, customers must be put on hold, which then increases the amount of dropped calls and missed information. Virtual receptionists are always ready to answer your calls. If there is a spike in traffic, there are more receptionists available so that every call is answered—and not put into a queue line. 

Hire a Virtual Receptionist Service Today

These are just 15 ways your business can benefit from hiring a live virtual receptionist service. Your organization can provide excellent customer care without breaking the bank, and Davinci Receptionist Services has made it easier than ever!

Contact us and start reaping the benefits of a virtual receptionist service for your small business with the team at Davinci today.


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