8 Myths About Virtual Office Spaces and Why It’s Time to Put Them to Rest

Today, we debunk eight common myths about virtual offices and prove just how feasible they can be.

Myth #1: Virtual Offices Are Expensive

The truth is, businesses can often save thousands by setting up remote employees with a virtual office space and downsizing from their current space, while those that work from home can gain much from the services offered by virtual offices, many of which come complimentary, like onsite high speed internet, lobby greeter services, and use of the office kitchenette.

Myth #2: Virtual Offices Don’t Have What You Need

In reality, virtual offices represent the most flexible way to work while providing them with the services they need, when they need it. It’s just a matter of finding the best virtual office services for your specific business requirements.

Myth #3: Virtual Offices Are Security Risks

Virtual offices are as safe as any other option. Much like a traditional office, virtual offices these days use secure connections. Choose one that does. They’re doing everything they can do to keep your information safe. The rest is up to you, and how security-savvy you personally are. 

Myth #4: Arranging a Virtual Office Is a Hassle

Setting up a virtual office space, unlike signing a lease on a traditional office, is straightforward and simple. Most virtual offices are rented on an on-demand basis, meaning there’s no long-term contract. You use the office for what you need, and only pay for what you use, so signing up is easy.

Myth #5: Virtual Offices Disrupt Communication

Digital communication has made the world a lot smaller: 20 years ago, working from home would preclude most forms of collaboration—telephones and faxes constituted the best options that technology had to offer. The intervening decades have changed that with instant messaging services, live web chats, and documents that feature live updating, all of which enable real-time collaboration. Working from a virtual office can, in fact, provide an employee with a productive space to communicate and collaborate with the team. 

Myth #6: Virtual Office-Based Professionals Are Less Productive

Managers have been afraid for years that if an employee isn’t present and accounted for in the office, they aren’t doing their job. Much to the contrary, engagement rates in the office have been slipping, while those who work remotely have seen an increase in productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Myth #7: Companies Without a Physical Location Can’t Be Trusted by Customers

While it’s true that customers and clients can be suspicious of businesses whose primary address is residential, using a virtual office eliminates this shortcoming. Virtual office lobbies provide you with a professional mailing address, rentable meeting and office space, and even an area that provides professionalism and reputability. Meanwhile, you can work from home when you want, and only pay for the office time you use.

Myth #8: All Virtual Offices Are Alike

Like any other service, there is a spectrum of quality and level of service. Some provide you with only the bare minimum, while others offer a more comprehensive suite of amenities and features, to ensure you have everything you need. Do your research to determine what features and services you need, and then find something that fits in your price range. 

While there are many misconceptions, few hold any real weight. Virtual offices are a productive alternative both to working from home and working in the office, at a fraction of the cost of leasing your own office space.

Interested in learning more? Contact Davinci Virtual Office Solutions today and find out more about our locations and services.


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