Cyber Monday Meets Virtual Office Users

Cyber Monday and virtual offices go hand and hand—or at least they should. But the shopping doesn’t end on Cyber Monday. People are shopping online from their virtual offices throughout the Christmas season.

Fifty percent of American workers plan to spend time holiday shopping online at work this season. Of these workers, 34 percent will spend one hour or more shopping and 16 percent will spend two or more hours.

The problem is, many of these workers aren’t entrepreneurs working from virtual offices. So if you are among the employees using the company computer to shop for Christmas presents be warned: Half of U.S. companies monitor Internet and email use of employees.

“Most companies assume their employees use some of their break time on the Internet for shopping, checking social networks, and other general browsing, but when it starts adding up, workers need to be aware of company policies and any potential consequences,” says Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder. “With more companies limiting or restricting online activity, e-shopping season is as good a time as any to be mindful of our Internet usage at work.”

The good news is you can cash in on some great holiday shopping deals if you are working from home in a virtual office. We all have those 10 minute breaks in between client phone calls or appointments. And we all spend time on hold. Those are peak times to do a little comparison shopping from the comfort of your virtual office. Everyone else—wait until you get home from work!

Check out this YouTube video on Cyber Monday:



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