Why You Should Ask About Virtual Offices in Your Next Job Interview

Before a big interview, most job seekers prepare for what questions they’ll be asked—but far too many fail to consider what they’ll say when the tables are turned.

Asking smart questions during a job interview is a golden opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition, impress a hiring manager, and ultimately increase your chances of landing the job—and maybe a job with telecommuting opportunities from a virtual office.

Robert Half suggests five questions every job seeker should ask during an interview:

  1. What are the opportunities for advancement and do you typically promote from within?

  2. What types of training programs do you offer?

  3. While researching your firm I learned that the company recently [fill in the blank]. Can you tell me a little bit more about this development?

  4. Can you tell me what my average day would be like?

  5. What happened to the person who previously held this role?

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions would like to suggest one more:

Are there telecommuting opportunities available?

It’s not such a bold question anymore, what with companies exploring alternative workplace strategies from New York to Los Angeles and beyond. Davinci Virtual offers virtual office technologies that make it attractive for companies to offer flextime and telecommuting opportunities.

Employees working from home can be more productive thanks to fewer distractions and find greater satisfaction via better work-life balance. So, be bold… your potential new boss may surprise you and tell you that you can work from your virtual office on Fridays—or even more often.


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