10 Reasons a Virtual Receptionist is Better than an Answering Service

On the surface, virtual receptionist and answering services are fairly similar. With both services, an offsite, external agent will answer calls on your behalf and forward them as need be. However, virtual receptionists and answering services are different, each delivering on its service promise differently. 

If you are deciding between the two options, let us give you 10 reasons why virtual receptionists are better than an answering service. 

1. Less is More

Virtual receptionists handle a set number of accounts, which equates to better customer service and better attention.  

2. Personalized Attention

Because virtual receptionists handle a set number of accounts, it means that you will always have the same people answering your calls. This is especially good when you receive a lot of customer and client calls, as you can be sure that they will always be greeted by the same person, in a professional, friendly manner. Plus, services like these offer customizable greetings and call flows, so each client can be treated with the same professional tone set by you. 

3. Culture

Since you will be working with the same virtual receptionists, it gives them the chance to get to know your brand and your culture, and embodying them while they pick up and handle your calls. 

4. Your Right Arm

Virtual receptionists have the capacity to help you schedule appointments, book meeting rooms, set reminders, screen junk calls, and answers questions related to your business. 

5. Sales Orders

Since virtual receptionists get to know your brand and company, they can also help you in taking sales orders and making sure they are fulfilled. 

6. Frictionless

Virtual receptionists can transfer calls to you or a specific team member. If you know you will be busy, you can easily reach out to your virtual receptionists and let them know so that they can take messages for you instead of transferring the calls. 

7. Industry-Specific

Virtual receptionists are able to provide industry specific support, like medical, legal, service industries, and many more. Call flows are easily customizable for any business venture. 

8. Additional Amenities and Perks

Virtual receptionist services often come bundled with limited access to workspace or meeting rooms, providing you with a more robust service-offering. 

9. Cost-Effective

Virtual receptionists fulfill the same duties that in-house receptionists. However, they are much more cost-effective. You can purchase a specific minute plan for your business needs and not worry about the in-house cost of a full time employee. 

10. Complex call flows

With a team of dedicated virtual receptionists, they can handle more difficult calls and assure that your customer, client, or even patient is getting the care and help they need for a successfull call.  

Virtual receptionists offer businesses the ability to run a seamless, professional operation at a low cost. Want to learn more about the benefits of a Davinci Virtual Receptionist? Click here to check out our features and benefits!


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