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Virtual Offices and Answering Service for Lawyers

Virtual offices are growing more and more popular with lawyers & attorneys as they choose to streamline their law firms or transition to a virtual law firm. Our virtual office services and virtual receptionists for lawyers are like no other. We have already helped multiple lawyers optimize their practices and ditch their physical office space. From New York to California, and everywhere in between, law firms & law offices are choosing Davinci office space solutions and lawyer answering services to make their practices more efficient.

Lawyer Answering Services For Every Location

With over 1,300 locations, we have the right address to put your firm on the map and in the right location to attract new clients. But we don’t stop there: you can also rent a day office, a deposition room, conference room, or board room at the same location to meet with your clients. You can even get a lobby listing in the building and mail receipt. Davinci Virtual Offices make sense for the modern law firm.

24-Hour Virtual Receptionists For Lawyers

A lawyer’s ability to multi-task is only as good as their receptionist or assistant. Davinci has built a team of legal virtual receptionists for lawyers with over 10 years experience to help law firms become more efficient and effective. We provide you with 24/7 customer access by providing a live team to assist you during business hours and a virtual receptionist for lawyers after hours to keep your business running smoothly. This is why we are the best answering service for lawyers, attorneys, and law offices. With total coverage from our lawyer answering service, you won’t have to worry about missing any interaction with your clients, even if you’re remote.

Instead of sending automated messages to your clients and leaving them with voicemails, trust Davinci’s virtual receptionist for lawyers to deliver friendly, professional service. As one of the best phone answering services for lawyers & attorneys everywhere, Davinci is proud to offer English/Spanish bilingual support and low wait times. We strive to answer most calls to your law office immediately to ensure client satisfaction.

Professional Answering Services for Lawyers


We’ve supported hundreds of attorneys over the years, and lawyers and law firms consistently choose our top-quality, lawyer answering services to handle their inbound calls. Our receptionists have years of experience when it comes to helping your clients. To find out more, give us a call today and we will set you up with the perfect virtual answering service for lawyers. Reserve your virtual receptionist for lawyers today.

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