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Los Angeles Virtual Offices at Wells Fargo Center Offers Central Location

LOS ANGLES—If you are looking for a prestigious business address in Los Angles to call home, check out the Wells Fargo Center. Also known as the KPMG Tower, you can get Los Angeles virtual office space here for a fraction of the cost of traditional office space.

In case you aren’t familiar with the Wells Fargo Center, it’s an impressive twin tower skyscraper complex in Downtown Los Angeles, California. Major tenants include Wells Fargo Tower and KPMG Tower.

This building has a wow factor for virtual office users. The two towers are joined by a three-story glass atrium. The project received the 1986–1987 and 2003-2004 Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Office Building of the Year Award and numerous others.

Wells Fargo Center is conveniently located near major freeways and benefits from a wide variety of public transportation choices, and is sits in the middle of numerous dining and entertainment options. An impressive range of fine dining, casual eateries, retail, and service centers are available right there in the building.

You can rent Los Angeles virtual office space from Davinci Virtual at the Wells Fargo Tower. Located at 355 South Grand Avenue, Davinci offers virtual offices there for prices starting at just $125 a month. This is quite a bargain in Los Angeles.

This Los Angeles virtual office package includes a prime business address, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, and a lobby greeter to welcome any guests who come to pick up or drop off packages and more.

This virtual office space in Los Angeles also makes available conference room rental for $25 to $45 an hour and day time office space for $10 to $35 an hour. You can use your Los Angeles virtual office address for business cards, licensing, websites and other public materials. With Davinci Virtual, you also get access to a network of more than 3,000 meeting rooms worldwide.

Will Flexible Work and Virtual Offices Become the Norm?

LONDON—A whopping 90 percent of UK professionals think flexible working, which includes telecommuting from a virtual office, will soon become the dominant employment model. So says new research from specialist HR recruiter Ortus.

HR professionals are even stronger in this flexible work prediction. Indeed, 96 percent of HR professionals said flexible work will become the main model. Flexible work includes telecommuting from virtual offices, workshifting, part-time and other models.

“The business case is obvious as it allows for efficiency savings on office costs and greater output,” says Stephen Menko, UK director of Ortus. “Widespread flexible working could be a seismic shift in the way work is conducted and it is that rare beast—a change that benefits everyone. Staff just need to be convinced of this point, or at least have it raised on their radar as a benefit they can request. I think for a lot of organizations it’s not even considered as something that can be entertained.”

The general consensus is that employees think flexible working will be adopted for business reasons rather than the benefit to the workforce. Fifty one percent see the motive for flexible work as efficiency and productivity. Only 12 percent thought it would be implemented to help people manage the number of hours they work and only 10 percent said they thought it was being implemented to help with gender equality.

And this is an interesting finding: The majority of people also appear to be unaware that they are entitled to request flexible working, such as working from a virtual office. A mere third of those questioned said this was something their company offered, whereas government statistics estimate that 91 percent of employers offer flexible working.

The research also found that almost twice as many female professionals rank flexible working as ‘vital’ compared with men. Sixteen percent of women said this, compared with just 9 percent of men.  In contrast, men (28%) ranked receiving a bonus as vital, compared with women (21%).

“Despite changing family structures, the responsibility for childcare still very often falls on the mother, explaining, in part, some of the reasons for gender inequality in the UK workforce; as often women forgo career paths to focus on family life and in doing so can miss out on experience and opportunity which can impact their remuneration potential,” Menko says.

“In this context the appetite for flexible working, amongst women, is clear and should be sated for many reasons, but notably it enables people, of any gender, to juggle other commitments with their careers, and it does so to the benefit of the businesses they work for. HR professionals have a role in helping to give voice to this market request for flexible working, and to help companies stay competitive in the process by keeping their best talent, whatever its gender.”

Des Moines Virtual Office Save as Gas Prices Spike

DES MONIES, IOWA—I read an article today on KCAU TV’s website called “Telecommuting Proves Extra Valuable As Gas Prices Spike.” I couldn’t agree more with the premise: working from a virtual office saves you gas money—and time.

Author Staci DaSilva pointed out that gas prices have spiked between $.15-$.20 in just the past few days. According to AAA, which monitors gas prices at cities across the nation, those prices are likely to keep right on rising through spring. And we all know what happens to gas prices in the summer—they spike.

“Loree Vander Zwaag doesn't have to start an engine to go to work. Instead, she walks to her office, in her home, just like her 30 or so employees do,” DaSilva writes.
“Her workers are sprawled all across urban and rural America and they all gravitated to Vander Zwaag's business because they wanted to work from home.”

DaSilva then goes on to point to statistics about virtual office users. Depending on the study you look to, between 3 million and 4 million people are tapping into the virtual office trend. That means they are saving gas and time.

I live in Miami. It costs $65 to fill up my gas tank and I have a coupe. I’m glad that I work from a virtual office because I use much less gas. I use plenty of gas as it is just driving my daughter to school, going to the grocery store and doing various other errands. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for people who don’t enjoy the money- and time-saving benefits of a virtual office.

The good news is, there’s virtual office space available in Iowa. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers virtual offices in Des Moines at 309 Court Avenue. That means you can sport a professional business address in a major Iowa city and rent a meeting room or day office space on demand when you need to visit with clients face to face. And it costs about the same as a tank of gas each month.

Los Angeles Virtual Office Users Save 61 Hours of Commute Time

LOS ANGELES—It’s a tie. According to a study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, the San Francisco-Oakland area and Los Angeles have the second worst commute time in the nation. Specifically, auto commuters were delayed 61 hours on the road in 2011 in these three cities. Washington, D.C. came in first with 67 hours.

So, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles commuters, are you ready to explore the benefits of virtual office space yet? Let’s face it. Your commute time is impacting your productivity. And you can reclaim those lost hours by telecommuting from a virtual office instead of making the congested drive.

Lucky for you, virtual offices in San Francisco, virtual offices in Oakland and virtual offices in Los Angeles abound. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers virtual office locations in all three cities.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has 13 virtual offices in Los Angeles, including virtual offices at the Wells Fargo Center, AT&T Business Center, Howard Hughes Business Center, and MGM Tower Executive Center. We also have eight virtual offices in San Francisco and one location for Oakland virtual offices

So, are you ready save yourself 61 hours of commute time? And all the gas money and frustration that goes along with it? Then check into virtual office space. You can still commute to San Francisco, Oakland or Los Angeles for client meetings. In fact, virtual office providers have meeting rooms available to rent on demand.

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