Enabling Business Expansion with Virtual Offices

Geographical expansion and securing operations in a specific location can be a daunting challenge for any businesses. Depending on the nature of the business, a move to a new geographical location requires a physical address, a local phone number, an address for receiving and picking up mail, an address for forwarding mail on request, and a local presence to drop off and pick up clients and prospects. It also entails a registered agent and license hanging, something made more difficult when the new location is in a different state than your business.

Location, First Impressions, and Meeting Rooms

It is undeniable that the address of the location is critical. “Getting off on the wrong foot” with a customer or prospect by listing an address that detracts from your brand or failing to have a local address can have adverse effects. Indeed, it takes a matter of a few seconds for someone to form an impression about your business—and your address plays a pivotal role. Further, once those impressions have been formed, it is extremely difficult to change them. The proverbial saying, “location, location, location” rings very true.

Moving operations to a new geographical location often means you need day offices, conference rooms, and meeting spaces. Ninety-five percent of business professionals concur, believing face-to-face meetings are key to building long-term relationships. Some of the possible scenarios include:

  • Local employees who work periodically from home offices who need day offices and conference rooms for internal and external collaboration sessions and meetings.

  • Day offices and meeting rooms for remote employees when they are traveling and onsite in the new location.

  • Customer and prospect meetings in the new location that require conference rooms with requisite technologies and business services.

  • Meeting rooms for interviews with job candidates.

Getting Beyond Physical Offices

But here is the problem: leasing physical office space is cost-prohibitive, and businesses often delay expansion plans because of the cost. Office space ranks as one of the top expenditures for businesses (behind employee wages and inventories).

The solution to this problem is a virtual office solution, one that also come with meeting rooms, conference rooms, day offices for rent. This gives businesses the flexibility to accommodate employee, customer, and prospect requirements while controlling costs. Additionally, offering workers the ability to work when and where they want rather than from a physical office also allows businesses to attract better talent.

Companies seeking to expand their business to new locations without the expense of a physical office but with a great address and day office and conference rooms for rent should take a look at Davinci Virtual Office solutions. Nearly 40,000 entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses, and even mid-and-large-sized companies have turned to Davinci for help and over 1,100 locations in 30-plus countries. Our Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Guide spells out why and when organizations should leverage virtual office solutions and the benefits they gain. It also details our virtual office solutions.


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