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5 Business Resolutions to Set in the New Year to Grow Your Business

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just helpful for personal growth, they are helpful when trying to improve your business as well. As you begin to strategize your business plan for 2015, it is imperative that you establish achievable goals to make the next year more successful than the last.

While it is good to aim high, New Year’s resolutions—both personal and professional—must be attainable. There are many small things you can do as a business owner that yield perceptible results to ensure your business’s success throughout the year.

Here are just five simple business resolutions you can set in the new year to help grow your business:

1. Go virtual

One of the easiest ways to save money in the new year is to go virtual. This is not limited to simply moving to web-based programs like Google Drive and Dropbox. All business tasks, such as customer care, order processing, and schedule management, can be handled digitally. And with virtual office solutions, such as live virtual receptionists and virtual office spaces, you can affordably create the professional appearance of a successful corporation even if you are based in the home.

2. Reduce overhead

Like all business owners, you want to increase profit and reduce operating costs. As a small business, there is a lot to gain from renting office space and meeting rooms as you need it. The lease on an office space, especially in the heart of a major city, can be extremely costly, and oftentimes the need for leasing the space is unnecessary. For a fraction of the cost, you can rent a virtual office space by the hour or by the day in one of many full-service professional business centers, giving you an even more professional image and tools, services, and amenities that might otherwise be out of your budget.

3. Hire quality staff

Perhaps one of the best ways, however overlooked, to ensure a successful business year is to hire a talented staff that is as dedicated to your goals as you are. Of course, sometimes this is easier said than done. Luckily, there are effortless and affordable alternatives to fulfilling this resolution. Rather than spending time and resources training a new employee for your industry, you can hire a live virtual receptionist already familiar with your industry and its requirements and practices, saving you not only precious business hours, but also the cost of hiring a full-time employee. For only $149 a month, a trained professional can perform administrative tasks in addition to call forwarding and screening as well as voicemail and schedule management. The result is a more professional virtual presence and increased customer satisfaction, leading you to more success and profit—now and far into the future.

4. Focus on talents

Your success is dependent on your productivity as a business owner. However, if you try to do everything yourself, you may find that you will burn out and your quality of work will suffer. Instead of taking on every task, delegate what work you can to a competent staff member or a virtual receptionist. Focus on what work you do best while managing your business to ensure that all work is at its best. Your customers will recognize the attention to detail, and consequently, your business will grow due to the improvement in quality as well as morale.

5. Extend your reach

It’s every business’ goal, whether or not it is the beginning of a new year, to expand their business’ reach and bring in new customers. Binding your business to one location and one expensive office lease may be limiting the amount of revenue your business could be driving. Renting meeting spaces not only costs less than a lease, but also gives you the freedom to meet with any client, anytime and anywhere. With over 950 virtual office locations across the world, renting your meeting spaces gives you the potential for unlimited growth.

These business resolutions are simple and attainable. As you create a plan to grow your business in the new year, consider virtual office solutions to free up more of your time and budget, all while improving your organization’s image.

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Industry Expert Interview with Martin Senn

There is much to be said about business leadership and the virtual office industry, and whether you own a small business, firm, or growing corporation, it is important to learn what makes a leader great. So, we interviewed Martin Senn, Co-founder and COO of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, to gain better understanding of his entrepreneurial success and the passion for his work.

Senn entered the virtual office industry in 2005 with his business partner, Bill Grodnik. Bill had spent much of his careers as a serial entrepreneur in the Office Business Center industry, during which time he collected a huge amount knowledge. Martin had a long history of involvement with an array of companies in the call center and travel reservation market segments. Add Senn’s experience serving on the industry’s association Board of Directors, and you have a unique set of tools for their venture—and it is this professional background to which they owe much of their success.

Even now, Senn says that Davinci was the best business decision he ever made. He went on to say, “It is a very exciting time to be involved in our industry. Davinci was definitely an early innovator providing disruptive solutions to the workspace-as-a-service industry. We were able to create the market for turn-key virtual office solutions and continue to be the leader for it.”

Of course, they are still determined to further innovate the industry. According to Senn, if he could change one thing about the virtual office industry, he would “focus on educating our target markets on the services available.”

Davinci’s success as a company didn’t happen overnight. It required strong leadership from both Martin Senn and his partner. Senn says that to encourage creative thinking within their organization, “We are a very open door company and get continued input from all of our team members. Davinci employees know that they have a voice and know that they will be heard.”

Their mission, core values, and vision all play equally important roles, resulting in continued success and a unified and synergetic company culture. This continuous collaboration with their employees presents fresh ideas that help the organization grow and succeed. To ensure the company doesn’t stagnate, Senn explains, “We are not afraid to always try something new, even with the chance that it bombs.”

The success of any company is always an indication of great leadership. According to Senn, every great leader should exhibit passion for their work, lead by example, and live by it to ensure the organization and its activities all align with their core values—and he keeps this philosophy in mind as he leads Davinci and their employees farther along the path to success. As a business leader for Davinci, Senn has had to make important decisions like projecting growth and ensuring all pieces fall in place to support that growth. And as the company continues to expand, Martin learns and grows as a business leader, too. “You need to continue to be involved, learn, educate yourself and surround yourself with smart, young people,” he says.

Senn believes one mistake he witnesses other companies in the workspace-as-a-service industry making is that they fear change. But in an ever-evolving industry, it is crucial to embrace change, not only as a company, but also as a business leader. Success is passion, willingness to take risks, and team effort—and Senn would like to communicate that message: “We love what we do, and it keeps giving back.”


Company Culture: An Essential Ingredient in Brand Experience

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions recently had an opportunity to host the inaugural LivePerson User Group meeting for Salt Lake City. During the meeting, we covered a number of different topics. One that resonated with all of the companies in attendance was the importance of the connection between corporate culture and brand experience.

Cultivating happy relationships: founding principle

When we founded Davinci back in 2006, we made cultivating happy relationships a centerpiece of our corporate culture—and this included our internal team. The belief was that if we provide a great work environment and empower our employees, our brand would mirror this experience. And it has certainly proven to be true.

Since our team provides front-line customer support for thousands of our customers through our virtual reception services, live chat services, and meeting rooms, the importance of ensuring that our employees embody our corporate values is paramount. Not only are they the face of Davinci to our clients, they are the face of our customers to their customers.

User Group experiences the Davinci culture

We kicked off the User Group meeting by giving the attendees a tour of our office. The architecture and configuration of our facility is designed to facilitate collaboration and team building. We also make the sales process fun through the use of technologies such as Hoopla that is displayed on a big monitor in the middle of our sales floor, something the attendees found quite interesting.

For the ensuring presentation and discussion, we covered our underlying business philosophy and some of the key initiatives that we’ve implemented to build a corporate culture resulting in a highly motivated team focused on our customers and business objectives. Regardless of the service we provide our customers—from live reception services, to virtual office locations, to live chat services—this front-line employee experience is a key ingredient to our success.

Ingredients from our success

Some of the things that we do at Davinci that we’ve found a particularly effective include:

    1. Office Environment. We built out an A-class office environment. Its architecture and design facilitates collaborative interaction and team building in a location in Salt Lake City where we can attract the best talent.


    1. We want our employees to understand the broader business and how they are contributing to its success. As a result, we provide revenue and sales visibility to all of our employees. This transparency builds empowerment and enables our employees to understand how their contributions play a critical part in our overall success. They also have visibility in terms of how each of the teams and individuals are contributing to the company’s success.


    1. “The Culture Fairy.” In 2011, we created a new position that I took on called “The Culture Fairy.” Her sole responsibility is to ensure a great company culture and complete employee happiness. This dedicated headcount oversees our Davinci University education program, manages monthly team-building activities, administers our company library, game rooms, and health initiatives, spearheads participation in community-focused events, and more.


    1. Employee Development and Education. An important responsibility of The Culture Fairy is to identify and facilitate employee development and education programs. For example, every month we bring in a third-party educator to speak about a subject that our employees may find useful in their personal and/or professional lives. We also created a four-tiered development path that culminates in a position we designate as the “Super Agent.” Employees can also spend several days to a week mirror members of other teams to determine if those positions might be something they are interested in doing.


    1. Community Involvement. One of the responsibilities of “The Culture Fairy” is to work with employees to identify worthwhile causes and local organizations where they—as a team and company—would like to participate. It includes monetary contributions, where Davinci participates in addition to individual employees, as well as time.

The companies represented at the User Group meeting all agreed that creating a corporate culture where employees feel engaged and connected is crucial to how the brand experience is conveyed. And for Davinci we cannot overstate the importance of our employees as the brand ambassadors for not only our company but also our thousands of customers. It serves as an essential ingredient in how we deliver cutting-edge and stellar customer service.

Check out our video that provides an overview of Davinci’s corporate culture.


The top entrepreneur websites for budding business owners

As an entrepreneur in today’s Web-based world, you have an endless reach of resources and insights to stay progressive. The only trick is, the Web is so big it’s tough to differentiate the good, reliable entrepreneur websites from the bad.

We want to share with you a list of the top entrepreneur websites—full of both tools and advice on topics such as legal, software, marketing, and more. All of these sites are focused on helping your business reach the level of successful you desire.


You might be more familiar with this site because they also publish Inc. Magazine. It provides various perspectives and extensive information for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a business.

Forbes – Small Business Strategies

The Forbes site has a section specifically dedicated to small business strategies—sharing insights from industry experts about strategies targeted for smaller businesses. They’ll keep you informed on industry trends as well as share tips for overcoming timely obstacles current small businesses face.

Small Business Trends

This online publication will keep you updated on breaking news and any current information that might affect you as a small business owner or entrepreneur. In addition to its hired editorial staff, it shares information from an extensive list of experts that volunteer their experience and insight into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to running a small business.

Small Business Edge

This site functions like a blog and mainly features pieces written by Brian Moran. He is an accredited small business expert who has been recognized as one of the country’s leading small business influencers. Moran also provides timely advice and expands on ways you can improve your business as an entrepreneur.


Targeted to the software startup crowd, Dharmesh Sha started this site after founding and running several of his own startups—one of which is HubSpot. As a tried and true industry expert, Sha is not only passionate about software, but also about successful startups.

Startup Lawyer

You’ll find this source extremely valuable as you realize the importance of staying up to date on legal issues regarding startups. Ryan Robert’s, Startup Lawyer’s creator is an expert in the field, advising entrepreneurs on all phases of their business process.


Offering entrepreneurs and small businesses a unique opportunity, Onevest creates a means of communicating with investors and experts in the industry of startups. Connecting you with these investors, you’ll have the opportunity to raise money and seek the help you need to lead your startup down the path to success.


This site provides a means for entrepreneurs to ask questions to other experts. The questions are answered by real people with first-hand experience. It also acts as a tool for you to create your own blog and share your own industry expertise.

Business Owner’s Toolkit

In the past, small businesses and entrepreneurs relied on expensive research and software to successfully run their business. Business Owner’s Toolkit acts as a valuable resource for such small business owners providing many how-to guides regarding startups and entrepreneurial success.

Thomasz Tunguz

Tom Tunguz writes daily about data-backed business advice perfect for the small business owner looking to improve their teams, fund raise, reach benchmarks, etc. This blog is written in a comprehensive and easy-to-digest way, perfect for a quick and valuable daily read.

This is going to be BIG

This site is ran by entrepreneurial expert Charlie O’Donnell, who has had an innovative startup career and teaches entrepreneurship at Fordham University. This is going to be BIG is an excellent resource for entrepreneurial tips and trends. For three years in a row, O’Donnell was voted one of the 100 Most Influential People in New York Technology by Alley Insider.

All Business Experts

Offering a slew of advice for small businesses and entrepreneurs, this site offers a valuable source for tips on everything business from search engine optimization, to preparing for tax season, to office etiquette.

Forte Foundation

Targeted to entrepreneurial women, this site provides all of the tools and resources needed for small business success. This non-profit organization’s goal is to launch more talented, able women into successful business careers.

HubSpot – Marketing Blog

This site offers a slew of data-based tips. As a thought-leader in the online marketing industry, you’ll find tools and insight into tips you wish you knew sooner such as ideas about improving your marketing efforts for your business online.

Davinci Virtual – Blog

Providing readers tips and best practices for small businesses and entrepreneurs. From where to host your next meeting to how to cut costs with affordable services, Davinci’s blog is constantly sharing ways to take your business efforts to the next level.

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5 marketing ideas for small businesses

Successful and active marketing practices are the key to staying in the game when it comes to building your business. Follow these five simple, but critical, marketing tips- perfect for reaching potential customers and building your clientele.

1. Analyze content success

Take time to reflect on past efforts. What content worked and why? If your business uses a website, dive into the site’s analytics and learn what customers like to see. On that note, is you site fresh with relevant content? Make it a resource for your clients whether you frequently update a news section of your site or maintain a blog with new/trending insights for your industry. Fresh content is key—not only for grabbing the audience’s attention, but also for giving your site more value in the eyes of Google and other search engines. The fresher, more relevant your content is, the more likely a user searching for your services, will see your site in search engine results.

2. Network via existing customers

You work hard to provide quality services and cultivate a trusting relationship with your clients. If your clients are happy with your work, why wouldn’t they refer you to their friends and colleagues? Expanding your network this way gives you a means for reaching potential customers at a whole new level—one your competition doesn’t have immediate access to. So, if you feel you have a good relationship with existing customers and have earned their trust, don’t be afraid to ask them for referrals!

3. Create newsletters

Identify your customers’ concerns and interests when it comes to your industry and write newsletters for them on that topic. What better way to receive valuable information about an industry-specific topic than from an industry expert. These topics might range from legal issues, service-related advice, or how current events might be affecting the industry. This will help you establish a trusting relationship, because it lets them know you care enough to keep them informed. Most importantly, reach prospective customers by circulating the newsletters through email or placing them as assets on lead-generation landing pages.

4. Social media

There are many opportunities for building a presence in your industry through social media. This can be done by interacting with other industry players and also targeting content to potential clients’ interests and concerns.

For example, Twitter is a great opportunity to post about industry topics by sharing insightful articles or other brief ideas. It’s also important to build a network for your business on LinkedIn. Connecting with potential customers this way is a great opportunity to let them know you’re an industry expert and your services are valuable.

5. Virtual office space and virtual receptionist solutions

Feeling like most of you budget is put toward office space leases, maintenance, office supplies, etc? Being a small business doesn’t mean you must have a fully-furnished, professional office space in order to keep up with larger competitors. There are other solutions available. For example, virtual office solutions.

Choosing a virtual office solutions package will still give you a legitimate business address to use for you business cards, website, local listings, etc. That address can also act as a destination for any mail you might receive. Davinci Virtual offers virtual office services that meet such needs for small businesses. Most of the Davinci locations have onsite staff that can forward mail to you and handle any walk-in clients that see your business listed at your virtual address.

But what about meeting with clients? If I don’t have my own office space, where am I supposed to host meetings? Davinci’s virtual office services also have a solution for just that. With your package, you are allotted an amount of time to use professional, fully-furnished business single offices or conference rooms. And if you need space for longer than the time allotted in your virtual package, Davinci rents meeting rooms for a low cost—by the hour or by the day.

You can also free up a significant amount of your own time by using Davinci virtual receptionist services. These receptionists are live, U.S.-based, professionally-trained receptionists available to handle a wide range of duties that a typical receptionist might handle such as call forwarding, customer service, voicemail management, appointment scheduling, and even outbound calling on your behalf.

Free up your budget for your marketing department by contacting Davinci today.