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Davinci 101: Outmaneuver the Giants in Your Industry

It's over. The era of large corporations squeezing out the little guy is behind us. More and more small businesses and entrepreneurs are adopting business services that give them increased mobility, lower overhead, faster response times, and access to resources that were previously impossible to reach. Some of these game changing services you already have access to; but you may not be using them to their full potential. Virtual office addresses are changing the landscape of the B2B and B2C worlds, and here's how it's happening.

Globalization used to be an option only for enterprise level businesses with deep pockets, near endless resources, and huge workforces. Today the one man shop and small businesses are enjoying equal access to diversified markets and geographic locations. With the Internet, search engines, worldwide shipping, and virtual office services, it's all possible and it's sharply on the rise.

Virtual office users are finding it possible to outmaneuver large corporations by removing the trappings of maintaining a physical office space. With mail forwarding, live receptionist services, and affordable meeting room rental availability worldwide, small teams and individuals are capable of greater mobility than the more slow-moving corporations.

While large businesses are still sending out and gathering RFP and bids, the new, more mobile entrepreneur has already met with potential clients face to face and closed the deal.

Recent studies in the UK have shown that the number of under 35-year old men and women starting businesses has increased by 70% since 2006, and the trend is on the rise worldwide. With today's virtual office tools, offered by Davinci, the so called little guy is now starting to run the show while the industry giants struggle to adapt.

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Small Businesses Realize the Benefits of Virtual Office Solutions

The number of mobile workers continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Fewer and fewer workers claim a dedicated workspace or even an office, and this trend is only going to increase. Indeed, more than 1.3 billion global workers will be mobile in 2015, up from 1 billion in 2011, according to the Global Workspace Association. The most dramatic shift is for small businesses: 50 percent are run out of home offices, and of those over 40 percent generate more than $150,000 annually.

More than 1.3 billion global workers will be mobile in 2015, up from 1 billion in 2011.

This is all good news for small businesses. Virtual office solutions give them the ability to focus on running and growing their businesses without the worry of offices, greeters, and receptionists. But the need for meeting and conference rooms, day offices, and receptionists still exists. This is why we launched Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. And with 25,000 customers around the world—many of which are small businesses—we have first-hand knowledge of the business benefits virtual office solutions can provide.

Virtual office solutions give small businesses the ability to focus on running and growing their businesses without the worry of offices, greeters, and receptionists. But the need for meeting and conference rooms, day offices, and receptionists still exists.

There are many use case scenarios for small businesses. For the purposes of this blog post, let’s examine three that we see played out regularly. We fictionalized each of the examples, though they could represent any number of our customers.

Live receptionist services for hardwood-flooring installation business

Consider Johnny Jet who owns a hardwood-flooring installation company that services a large metropolitan area comprising several hundred square miles. Business is generated from contracts that he has with six area hardwood-flooring retail shops. There is no need for a permanent office location, as he spends 80 percent or more of his workweek managing his installation crew and planning their next job site.

While on the road or on worksites, Johnny doesn’t have time to field incoming calls. Rather, he needs a full-time receptionist to field those calls, pushing lower-priority calls to voice mail and forwarding those that are higher priority calls to his mobile number. And for those that are urgent, Johnny needs real-time messaging direct to his mobile device.

But Johnny doesn’t have the revenue stream to hire a full-time receptionist yet. So he spends valuable time fielding all incoming calls—those that are urgent and those that aren’t—a time-consuming and unproductive task. Further, in some instances, he misses urgent calls because he wasn’t available to field a call.

This is where a virtual receptionist service like Davinci Live Receptionist Service can make a real difference. The economic infeasibility associated with a full-time receptionist is eliminated with our approach, whereby we assign customers to a dedicated team of agents who serve a group of pre-assigned customers. Each of the teams becomes subject-matter experts for the businesses they serve. The team field Johnny’s calls, filtering out the urgent from the non-urgent, forwarding those that are urgent to Johnny while pushing others to voice mail or gathering details and messaging those to Johnny. Suddenly, Johnny has a service he can afford, one that allows him to focus on managing and growing his business.

Virtual office for executive job search firm

William Schultz owns an executive job search firm that conducts business in six metropolitan areas. William and his head of sales hold one-hour sales meetings with executives seeking assistance with career development and job searches. Once a client has purchased the service, William’s three executive coaches meet with clients one-on-one for all-day assessment and coaching sessions.

Because of the clientele of his company, William must maintain high-scale professional offices in all six locations where he conducts business. With commercial real estate at all-time highs, this is a very expensive undertaking and comprises a large portion of William’s operating expenses.

But what if William had a different option? He and his four employees could work from their home offices when they are not meeting with clients—for both sales and consultation sessions. Then, when it comes time for a client meeting, he could simply use a virtual office solution such as Davinci Virtual Office solutions. With those, he gets a local business address (for each of his six locations), mail receipt and forwarding, a lobby directory listing, a lobby greeter, and meeting rooms that he can rent by the hour, day, or week.

Virtual live receptionist services for growing nail salon

Susanna Gonzales owns a nail salon that employs four professional stylists in addition to herself. Susanna’s business is growing but hasn’t become large enough to support a full-time receptionist. As a result, every time the phone rings, Susanna or one or her stylists must leave a customer, answer the call, and book or cancel an appointment. This impacts customer service and employee productivity.

But with a live virtual receptionist service like Davinci Live Receptionist Service, Susanna can route calls to her virtual receptionist when she and her stylists are with customers. And for calls that require immediate attention, they can be forwarded to Susanna’s office number and/or her mobile phone, or even sent via real-time messaging.

Tell us about your virtual office stories

These are just three of many different use-case scenarios for small businesses. Contact us to get more details on Davinci’s Virtual Office solutions. We’d love to hear how our virtual office solutions are helping small businesses—or for that matter businesses of all sizes? Email your story to Mary Castleton at mcastleton@davincivirtual.com.


How to Use Virtual Offices to Stand Out in the New Year

It’s the beginning of a new year, and that means new opportunities to grow your business. As you think about ways to differentiate your business in the market, in addition to making a strong and professional impression on your customers and clients, virtual offices may be the cost effective solution for which you have been looking.

While a business does not need to have a commercial location to succeed, it does hold certain benefits. A corporate image communicates a lot about your business to potential clients and customers, like your dedication to professionalism and quality of work. If you are a growing home-based business, you can still benefit from a commercial address even if your business is not technically based there. Virtual offices provide the same resources as a corporation on a startup budget.

As a home-based business, meeting with clients inside your home can leave them feeling skeptical at best. But it may be hard to justify the cost of leasing office space in the heart of the city. However, virtual office space can give you the appearance of being located in tall business centers without creating huge overhead. Virtual offices cost far less than office leases and come with more features to which you may not otherwise have access. As a result, you save more money to grow your business while maintaining a professional image to distinguish yourself from the competition.

It is crucial as a growing business to establish your business in the right locations, not only in the right cities, but the right place within those cities to draw in the most business. Yet, you need the flexibility to be wherever new business emerges without being tied to your desk. Professional business addresses are available in more than 950 key locations around the world. Complete with mail forwarding services, you can take advantage of these locations to build up your business anywhere.

As your virtual office appears to be in a well known business location, you may also add your business’s name to the building’s lobby directory, so you not only stand out on your website and mailing address, but also in the business center itself, offering more exposure to potential customers and clients.

The locations can also include a virtual business office or conference room available to rent for you to meet with clients. As your clients arrive at the business center, they will be welcomed by a lobby greeter that can provide assistance and direct them to you, projecting a highly professional image in a business-oriented environment to give you the edge you need to stand out in a hyper-competitive market.

Best of all, virtual offices offer useful services that can further bolster your business’s image. Virtual office locations contain business support centers to offer assistance as needed with everything from copying and color printing, secretarial and transcription services, faxing, and even mailing or ordering supplies—features that would cost even more on top of an expensive office space lease.

Virtual offices have a lot to offer small businesses, from exposure in key locations to projecting a more professional image than their competitors, and all for a fraction of the cost of office leases. Virtual office solutions provide essential resources and services that can elevate the status of any company, from small business to startup, speaking volumes about your business and its practices. So, as you begin to strategize how to stand out in a new year filled with possibilities, consider virtual office spaces to leave a lasting impression on your clientele.

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Small Business Tips: Five Ways to Lower Office Costs in 2015

Small business owners understand too well the need to cut costs wherever they can. As a growing business, you need to increase profit as much as possible to stay ahead. Saving money, even in small increments, can make a huge difference with trying to reduce overhead.

Overhead costs can include everything from marketing, salaries, equipment and supplies, office leases, and utilities. Many business owners struggle to maximize revenue when they are paying for so many expenses, many of which may not be necessary. Luckily, there are simple things you can do as a small business owner to lower office costs in the new year.

1. Work from home

Most businesses in today’s market conduct business virtually, making a physical storefront almost obsolete—giving small business owners a huge advantage. You can save hundreds of dollars a month simply by opting to work from home instead of chaining yourself to an office or storefront lease.

Some business owners may occasionally need office space, but not often enough to justify the cost. As an alternative, virtual office spaces and meeting rooms are available in all major cities to rent by the hour or by the day through companies that specialize in virtual office solutions, such as Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

2. Move to the cloud and other Web-based technologies

In addition to simply conserving space, going paperless and moving all of your documents to the cloud can cut a lot of your operating costs. Although some software may cost money up front, they can end up saving you a lot time, money, and headaches later on. Fortunately, the most popular ones—such as Google Drive—are free. By conducting business online, you save money on supplies as well as time spent on performing tasks, resulting in more productivity and thereby more revenue.

3. Outsource tasks

Being the owner of a small business involves wearing a lot of hats, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Standard administrative tasks can take up hours of your workday, using up valuable time you could be spending on work in which you excel that actively drives revenue. That’s when you should consider outsourcing tasks to a competent staff member or hiring someone new. Even if you don’t have the budget for a full-time receptionist to tend to these details, you can get the same professionalism and productivity from an affordable virtual receptionist service.

4. Hire talented and flexible staff

It seems counterintuitive to spend money on hiring a new employee, but if you recruit an individual with multiple strengths and abilities, you actually save money while getting help with not just one, but a variety of tasks. As a result, your company not only accomplishes more tasks, but produces higher quality work. By hiring an employee with many talents, you cut costs of the need to outsource for other tasks, as well. Hiring a good employee can be a smart long-term investment, for as they grow professionally, so does your business.

5. Reassess your budget and business needs

Over time, it is crucial to frequently reassess your business needs, especially when continuing practices that aren’t effective anymore can be secretly leeching your budget. What your business needed several years ago, or even months ago, may no longer be necessary. Embrace change and find new ways to manage expenses. Reflect on services, equipment, supplies, and even space that your business uses. If any of these things are not being used regularly, it may be time to cut them from the budget.

Following these small business tips can make cutting costs this year easy. Evaluate your business needs and develop a game plan of investments and divestments; search for what is using up the majority of your budget, and consider options that may help increase profit and grow your business.

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The New Generation Virtual Office

Davinci Virtual has provided virtual office solutions to over 30,000 companies and entrepreneurs all over the world. Clients can obtain prime business addresses, live receptionist services, meeting room rentals and business support – instantly – with the click of a button. Davinci Virtual COO, Martin Senn, explains how the virtual office has matured and why it appeals to both blue collar and white collar companies.

Davinci Virtual was founded in 2006 by Martin Senn and Bill Grodnik; the latter now serves as CEO. Senn explains that when they got together, he was running a consultancy, while Grodnik had physical business centres. They decided that the time was right to create a global platform for virtual offices. “There were business centres who offered virtual offices as a side product, but we were unique in that we put the virtual office first. Back then, there was a stigma attached to virtual offices. But the recession changed everything as it forced companies to save on office costs. Now, the virtual office has matured and actually seen as benefitting the environment and flexibility of the workforce.” Davinci Virtual had a flying start, adds Senn. “In our first month, we won 17 customers. We never took outside investment and have continued to grow organically, seeing the world as our market. That’s what’s great about the internet: it has levelled the playing field. We can make our services available to anyone, anywhere in the world, and in turn we can create virtual office locations anywhere in the world.”

While some virtual office companies own commercial real estate, Davinci Virtual has wholesale contracts with business centres worldwide, translating to over 1,000 virtual office addresses. The company additionally offers services such as a live or virtual receptionist, live webchat, meeting and work space and hosted telecommunications. The service Davinci Virtual has provided virtual office solutions to over 30,000 companies and entrepreneurs all over the world. Clients can obtain prime business addresses, live receptionist services, meeting room rentals and business support – instantly – with the click of a button. Davinci Virtual COO, Martin Senn, explains how the virtual office has matured and why it appeals to both blue collar and white collar companies. The new generation virtual office package appeals to a variety of small and medium-sized business, ranging from medical groups to contracting companies through to brokers, advertisers and entertainment groups.

Senn points out that when clients make use of a virtual office address, they need to comply with postal and other regulations, and compliance forms need to be notarised. To lighten the burden of this administrative hassle, Davinci has teamed up with NotaryCam to develop a 100% online on-boarding process for new clients. The new streamlined process is enabled by Davinci’s technology integration with the online notary service platform operated by Davinci’s partner, NotaryCam, and is offered to all Davinci virtual office clients as part of their initial sign-up process. Aside from representing a huge convenience factor for clients, the new initial online notary service provides quicker turn-around times along with increased security features. “We are excited to introduce this new notary service to our customers and industry partners while we continue to develop and implement innovative technology solutions,” Senn concludes.

This article was originally published in the 62nd Edition of Zillion Magizine 2014.