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The Evolution of the Traditional Office to Virtual Office Space

In 1968, Robert Propst designed what many considered a solution to the open-office wasteland wherein employees sat in rows of desks typing away—corralled and arranged together like a factory shop with supervisors observing employees’ every move. The cubicle. Propst had changed office design in ways never before seen.

The fabric-wrapped mobile walls were designed to hinge together in groups of three. They even included storage to encourage employees to move within their confined space. This utopian design allowed companies to really pack it in without making employees feel like they were sharing their desk space with the 50 others working on the same floor.

People were excited about the cubicle and saw it as the perfect solution to the problems of an open office. By 1998, just two years before Propst died, he estimated approximately 40 million people were working in cubicles. It seemed to revolutionize the office space design industry.

Though just as quickly as cubicles took off, people began seeing the problems with the design. Cubicles provide minimal visual privacy and the office space was still just as noisy as the open-office wasteland was. The thin, short barriers weren’t able to block out the phone calls happening in neighboring cubicles. Even keyboard clicking remained a problem. At times, the sterile, repetitive appearance was enough to make employees crazy. As Peter Gibbons, from the comedy “Office Space” quipped, “We don’t have a lot of time on this earth! We weren’t meant to spend it this way! Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day.”

Many believe this small, confined, workspace fad triggered the era of bigger homes. People felt so confined in the workplace, they began to design their homes to be more spacious—even bathrooms grew to sizes larger than a standard cubicle space.

As time passed, the office space evolution continued.

Now, more than ever before, people are able to work in the space they feel most comfortable—their own home. Modern technology and other tools make this transition very possible and, in many cases, seamless. Even running an entire business from home can be done, though certain tools and services are usually utilized to meet all demands for a business that doesn’t own an out-of-home workspace.

The most valuable and comprehensive of the work-from-home tools has proven to be virtual office space. What is a virtual office? This somewhat new solution provides home-based businesses with many of the benefits of owning an office without paying the large overhead of office maintenance. With Davinci Virtual Office Space solutions, a small business owner can select a Davinci location to use as their office’s physical company address in addition to a variety of other services. See some of these services in more detail:

    • A professional business address: This address can be used as a registered business license address as well as used to list in local directories, on a website, or on business cards.


    • Mail receipt: Companies that receive mail at their Davinci virtual office space location can specify the frequency of mail forwarding services (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). Most Davinci locations even include a locking mailbox.


    • Conference room and office access: All virtual office space owners have access to thousands of Davinci offices to host meetings or use as day offices. This is especially helpful for the traveling business owner. Davinci Virtual has over 5,000 meeting spaces around the world. Some of the international locations include Hong Kong, Korea, France, Germany, India, Spain, Mexico, England, South Africa, Australia, and Indonesia.


    • Lobby greeter: At all registered virtual office locations, there are onsite lobby greeters available to assist any walk-in customers.


    • Lobby directory listing: Most Davinci Virtual offices have the option of listing your business’s name in the building directory of that location.

These services help account for the start-up and small business boom which has happened in recent years. Now those small, valuable businesses can compete with corporate competitors at a level they’ve never been able to reach before thanks to the evolution of traditional offices.

Does your business see a need for an office space but can’t justify the costs? Speak with a member of our Davinci team to learn more about virtual office solutions today.



3 Office Solutions to Incorporate into Your 2015 Business Plan

On average, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. That’s because many of the goals people set are too unattainable—goals that are often out of reach that require more sacrifice than people have the energy to exert. As a business owner or working professional, keep that statistic in mind when setting your 2015 goals. Here are a couple of goals that everybody should set:

    • Lower overhead cost


    • Increase profitability

You can do it! With a few key business tools, these resolutions aren’t out of reach. You can quickly become a part of the few 8%.

    1. Professional business address

Securing a professional business address for a smaller company is important when going up against larger corporate competitors. When a client can see that a business exists at an actual office location, the credibility of the offered services and level of professionalism are raised.

Many home-based businesses don’t realize that finding a professional business address is possible without paying the high price of office rental and maintenance. Through virtual office space solutions with companies like Davinci Virtual, getting that professional business address is very possible—and very affordable.

Davinci Virtual customers that need a business address can select one from a list of over 3,000 office spaces in more than 950 locations around the world. Some of the international Davinci Virtual locations include:

    • Hong Kong


    • Korea


    • France


    • Germany


    • India


    • Spain


    • Mexico


    • England


    • South Africa


    • Australia


    • Indonesia

    1. Virtual office space

Many businesses are moving to a virtual space and even more plan to do so in 2015. Having a virtual office with Davinci just makes sense. Many companies find that going virtual provides them with many of the same benefits as actually owning a physical office does.

By signing up for a Davinci Virtual Office Space package, you’ll have access to a variety of valuable resources, including:

    • Mail receipt: Companies can use their selected Davinci Virtual Office Space address for mail receipt, which can then be forwarded to a business owner’s home address or anywhere else it might need to go. These virtual office space customers can opt in to this mail forwarding service to take place as often as needed—daily, weekly, monthly, etc.


    • Conference room and office access: As part of every virtual business office package, Davinci customers have access to reserve and use conference rooms and office space as needed. This feature is not limited to the selected professional business address location; meeting space reservations can be made at any of the 3,000+ Davinci meeting spaces worldwide. Each location provides a list of services helpful for all types of business meetings so customers can feel confident they will have everything they need. These services include:

        • High-speed Internet

        • LCD projectors

        • Plasma screens

        • Audio/video conferencing

        • HD video conferencing systems

        • Lobby greeter

        • Copying

        • Color printing

        • Secretarial services

        • Faxing

        • Notary and transcription services

        • Mailing

        • Shipping

        • Office supplies

        • Catering and beverage services


    • Lobby greeter: At each location, Davinci customers can rest assured that all walk-in business inquiries at a registered professional business address will be greeted by a lobby greeter who is aware of the company listings. This especially comes in handy when space is reserved for important meetings or conferences—a lobby greeter helps maintain the high level of professionalism Davinci customers have established.


    • Lobby directory listing: At most Davinci Virtual Office Space locations, customer have the option to list their company in the lobby’s directory.

    1. Virtual receptionist

Unbeknownst to many, Davinci Virtual Receptionists are live, professionally-trained receptionists chosen to perform a variety of secretarial tasks. By using a virtual receptionist, business owners can free themselves of time-consuming, monotonous tasks such as meeting scheduling, voicemail management, call forwarding, etc., and focus on the items of their businesses that they are most passionate about. Davinci Virtual Receptionists can even be used as a means of customer service support.

Each receptionist is trained on the business they are supporting so they will be prepared and helpful for any task they might be assigned to complete. In order to best maintain the level of professionalism Davinci customers expect, the virtual receptionists are trained and work in a U.S.-based office, as opposed to many other virtual receptionist services, which employ home-based receptionists.

Contact Davinci Virtual today to begin incorporating these office solutions into your 2015 business plan right away.



2015: The Year to Virtualize Your Office

Each New Year brings a set of new goals. Whether those goals are fulfilled or not is another story. When it comes to running a business, company goals always seem exciting, but sometimes, at the year’s end, you may find that you’ve shot for the stars.

This year’s goal should be simple and measurable, such as lowering business overhead costs. With Davinci Virtual, this goal doesn’t have to feel unattainable. In fact, quickly and instantly you can cut back significantly on overhead costs while still maintaining the hard-earned professional business reputation you’ve established.

So what’s the secret? It’s simple—make the switch to virtual office space. Along with lowering costs, you’ll gain several other benefits. Once you understand the reasons to virtualize your office, you’ll wonder what took you so long:


Cost effective

How much money are you putting toward office space payments? Think weekly, monthly, yearly? Did you do the math? It’s probably more than you realize. Virtual office space services come at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual office solutions allow you to maintain the benefits of having an office space without the high price. And no, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to host meetings in your home, have mail sent to your home, or even worry about customers showing up on your doorstep because your address was listed as your business’ official address. The Davinci Virtual Office space you choose will be yours to meet all of these needs.


Physical address

With a Davinci virtual business office, you can use your Davinci office location for your licensed business address. In other words, you can use the actual professional office address to list on local directories, websites, and business cards.

Now what if a potential customer visits the address you have listed? Not to worry. All walk-in visitors will be greeted with an onsite lobby greeter. At many Davinci Virtual locations, businesses can choose to list their company in the building’s directory.


Access to meeting rooms worldwide

Davinci has thousands of office locations available for the times when you’re in need of hosting a meeting, conference, or even need to use an office for a day. These locations are not only in the U.S. but also across the globe—a Davinci feature traveling business owners love. Some of the international meeting room locations include:

    • Hong Kong


    • Korea


    • France


    • Germany


    • India


    • Spain


    • Mexico


    • England


    • South Africa


    • Australia


    • Indonesia

Did we mention it’s cost effective?

All jokes aside, this solution will save you money! In addition to dropping the large expense of an office space lease, you won’t need to worry about renter’s insurance, office furnishings, office utilities, or even employing a front desk greeter.


Access to other virtual office services

Davinci even offers virtual office receptionist services to help with any secretarial needs. This can include call monitoring, outbound calling, voicemail management, scheduling, customer service support, etc.


How do I sign up for a Davinci Virtual Office space?

Contact a Davinci representative and they can help establish the best virtual office package for your business’ needs by calling (888) 863-3423, emailing support@davincivirtual.com, or visiting the Davinci website to chat with a live Davinci support expert through the Davinci instant messaging tool.

Prepare your office to go virtual in 2015 and lower overhead costs with Davinci Virtual Office solutions today.


Davinci 101: Get More Work Done in Less Time With a Virtual Receptionist

It's been a few years since Alan went independent and started his own law practice. After a few lean months of trying to find new clients and taking on any case he could, Alan finally began to hit his stride and find success. Along with that success, however, Alan found that his free time evaporated as he was constantly on the phone or sending out follow up emails to current, potential, and past clients. Much of this communication was simple and tended to interrupt more important tasks. Just as he was wondering if the time commitment to his business was proving to be too much, Alan was referred to Davinci's live receptionist services. After learning what a live receptionist team could do for his practice, Alan gave it a try.

At Davinci, our live receptionists receive personalized training on every client. For people like Alan, they even receive paralegal training, which allowed Alan to turn the bulk of his everyday correspondence over to his live receptionist team. Immediately the Davinci live receptionists began to answer Alan's calls, schedule appointments, handle follow up communications, and even field live web chat inquiries on his website. Overnight Alan went from a time constrained man with a phone glued to his ear to someone far more free to handle the more important issues facing his practice.

Alan's practice has grown, and now he's a major player in his local area. With a sustained surge in new clients, Davinci's live receptionists have allowed Alan to continue to provide top notch results for his clients without getting tied down by simple tasks.

In a typical day, a Davinci Receptionist will:

  • answer, screen, and route phone calls

  • take messages from inbound calls

  • process orders

  • create and manage leads via web chat and phone calls

  • engage in customer support

  • manage client calendars and appointments

  • and much more

To learn how to get your own team of virtual receptionists, please contact us at 888-863-3423 or visit us at www.davincivirtual.com.

Small Business Tips: Preparing Your Business for 2015

As the year’s end approaches, it’s likely that your plate is full with a list of things to do. Even though you’re busy, does that list feel a little incomplete—like you’re missing something? Here are a five small business tips and things to remember while preparing for a great 2015:

    1. Renew Website Domain URLs

It’s easy to forget when your domain registrations expire. As the end of the year approaches, check to ensure your company’s URLs will maintain that valuable real estate. Forgetting to do this means your site’s address is up for grabs to anyone who can pay for it. This mistake could be detrimental to your brand and your customers’ access to you. So, take some time to brush up on where you stand with that upcoming URL expiration.

    1. Trademark Renewals

In preparation for the new year, file post-registration paper work. You might need to include a renewal fee. This will help you ensure that your trademark is still active in the eyes of the state. Without doing this, it too can expire. As you reflect on your company’s productivity and get things prepared for another great year, take a little bit of time to make sure your trademark is in order.

    1. Increase Productivity With a Virtual Receptionist

In 2015, you can cut cost and increase productivity with virtual receptionist services from Davinci Virtual. This monthly paid service offers a live receptionist to help with various business needs any other well-qualified receptionist might perform.

Just because the receptionist is virtual, it doesn’t mean the service isn’t personal. Davinci’s virtual receptionists are well-educated and trained on your business’s services and needs. They can act as a resource for customer support, call screening, call forwarding, outbound calling, order processing, voicemail management, and other helpful services. You won’t have to worry about maintaining your business’ high-standard of professionalism. Davinci virtual receptionists are experienced, professionally trained receptionists based in the U.S. and working in an office setting.

Utilizing a virtual receptionist means your time can be freed of mundane tasks that seem to fill your day, but are unavoidable. Focus on the aspects of your business that you want to spend your time on.

    1. Sign up for Virtual Office Space

Often, it just isn’t practical for small businesses to rent or lease office space long-term. With client meetings only happening weekly or even more infrequently, the ROI just isn’t there. Though, you don’t want to list your business address as your home. With Davinci Virtual office space services, this doesn’t have to be an issue.

In preparation for the new year, consider your workspace and the benefits of virtual office space solutions. For a much smaller monthly fee than what you would pay toward a lease, you can have all the benefits a personal office space might offer. With this service, you can select a Davinci Virtual office space location, which is an actual office space for your business address. You can then use this address for local listings, business cards, etc. A Davinci Virtual office space package can include helpful services such as a lobby directory listing, mail forwarding, and also access to meeting rooms of all sizes.

    1. Utilize Meeting Room Rentals

Utilizing Davinci meeting room rental services is a fantastic way to further cut cost, maintain professionalism, and stay efficient. With thousands of davinci meeting room rental options across the globe, there’s sure to be a meeting room available to fit your needs—whether you are overseas or in the United States.

Davinci meeting rooms are a wonderful resource for both the stationary business owner as well as the traveling one. The mobile-friendly, on-the-go Davinci meeting room booking system app allows meeting hosts to quickly search for meeting room availability. Within minutes of searching, you can preview rooms with detailed images, specify any supplies or additional services you might need, and reserve.

Contact us to begin to prepare your business for the new year with the virtual office solutions provided by Davinci Virtual right away.