Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App During COVID19 Pandemic?

The current COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry and every element of routine business. There is no denying that our natural world has been upended, but many people and companies have successfully adapted to the new normal. The forced adaptation has given birth to new ideas and ways of conducting business with technology, like the PI System, often at the center. Technology has come a long way in recent years, with the pandemic only increasing the number of customers relying on technology to continue a normal life. In addition to the various new tech services and commerce options, businesses are seeing the numerous benefits of having a mobile app. While some companies considered creating a mobile app an optional interest before the pandemic, an app is now a standard offering that customers expect. 

Low Barrier to Entry

One of the most common issues companies face when trying out a new service is the technical barrier to entry. For how advanced technology is today, there remains a sizable population that cannot be bothered with anything technically complicated. Thankfully, apps are one modern technological advancement that the general population can easily use. There are roughly 275 million smartphone users in the US alone, with that number expected to continue rising. Apps are one of the most accessible technologies with the lowest entry barrier so that you can attract more people with an app than other methods. Getting people to use your platform is half the battle, and having a low barrier to entry app will ensure you attract as many customers as possible. 

Better Mobile Shopping Experience

E-commerce took off years ago, but mobile shopping has recently overtaken desktop shopping as the most popular method to shop online. With more people than ever shopping on their phones, it only stands to reason that apps would make the mobile shopping experience even better. Most companies optimize their sites for mobile, but they don’t always hit the mark. Apps are more manageable for a company to control and ensure the formatting works on all devices, so customers have a painless app shopping experience. You can also offer your clients the opportunity to solve doubts of your products by including on your website a live web chat.

The Mass Appeal of Convenience

Apps are the ultimate example of convenience; you install the app once and never have to worry about finding the right website again. Some apps will even keep users logged in, so customers don’t have to remember passwords either. Apps combine low barriers to entry with ultimate convenience to create a business tool with mass appeal. The incredible mass appeal of apps also generates loyalty. Once a customer has a positive experience with your app and their purchases, they will likely return to purchase again in the future. Draw customers in with the inherent appeal of an app and keep them loyal to your brand with a great experience.

Add APIs To Your App

An app is not only good for your customers, and it can benefit your company in more ways than just sales. When you build your company app, you can add APIs that help your business in various ways. From shipping and tracking APIs to autofill or social media connections, there is an API for everything. Adding APIs gives your business valuable information that can feed into the PI System for better data insights, creates a better experience for your customers, and puts your app ahead of the pack. 

Another Promotion Platform

Having your app on your customers’ phones is a perfect opportunity to push exclusive deals or offers through the app. If you know your customer’s location, you can offer promotions exclusive to specific geographic regions. Using push notifications also lets you instantly send a notification to your customers to keep them up to date on your company, their orders, and more. Even if you don’t use the push notifications, merely having your app on someone’s phone is marketing and promotion. People scroll through their apps every day, and seeing your brand logo reinforces your brand in their minds. Between notifications for engagement and passive brand recognition, simply having an app installed on customers’ phones goes a long way. 

The current and ongoing pandemic has highlighted the power of technology. As mobile shopping continues to push past other types of online shopping, apps will play an even more critical role. Creating an app for your business is hugely beneficial for both your company and your customers. 


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