Virtual Receptionist For Doctors: Benefits & Advantages

As a doctor you need to be able to focus completely on providing your patients with the medicine and care they need for improving their health. To make this possible, all other tasks are delegated to another person or a team of people who are in charge of paying the bills on time, ordering supplies and medicines, taking care of the accounting, filing medical records, answering the telephone, and handling the doctor’s schedule. 

A few decades ago, this supporting role was usually handled by a single person. But in our modern world running a doctor’s office has become a very complex operation that requires at least a small team of people, and this of course means higher costs. 

One of the best ways to reduce your personnel costs without negatively impacting your customer service is to hire a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist can perform all the tasks that an in-house receptionist can at just a fraction of the price. 

Here are a few benefits and advantages of hiring a virtual receptionist for a doctor’s office:

Better customer service

Patients are not like regular customers at any other type of business. When they have any kind of contact with a doctor’s office, they expect a certain level of professionalism, efficiency, privacy, familiarity, and trust. If they feel like anything is just a bit off, then they will walk out and never come back again. With a virtual receptionist you are handing this delicate process to an expert customer service representative who is able to adapt exactly to your patients’ needs. 

A pediatrician, for example, may want a friendly and bubbly voice to talk to young parents, a geriatrician on the other hand may need a virtual receptionist with a loud and clear voice. 

Easy to set up

Hiring a traditional receptionist means going through the hassle of finding the right person, and then taking at least a few weeks to train them so they can do their job right. This is not only an expensive and time consuming process, it also means that if you are already struggling with a high call volume you will have to handle that until your new receptionist is ready to lend a helping hand. Until then all you can do is hold tight and hope you don’t lose many patients. 

A virtual receptionist can be ready to answer your telephone and book appointments for your patients directly into your schedule in just a few days, and this includes training and testing.  

So with just a few examples you can already see the benefits and advantages that a virtual receptionist has for doctors. 


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