Virtual Offices Solve Multiple Problems in Evolving Workforce

LOS ANGELES— Nearly half (47 percent) of Americans are re-evaluating their occupations. So says a study from Bellevue University. One in four Americans say they are re-thinking their occupation because few jobs exist in their declining industry.

The survey also revealed that, with money tight, Americans who have been out of the workforce for several years have decided to go back to work to supplement the family income. Women are leading this charge. One in 10 women report returning to the workforce to help make ends meet.

Also, according to the Bellevue University study released today, nearly one-quarter of working adults simply don't like their jobs. They want a career transition because they want to find jobs they actually enjoy. In some cases, that means inventing a job for themselves, which is why 12 percent of survey respondents have decided to start their own businesses.

Regardless of the reason people are shifting careers, virtual offices can help. Virtual offices jobs abound and you can find them online, meaning older Americans who are going back to work to supplement their incomes can do so from home. Virtual office jobs may also be a good fit for people rethinking their occupation, at least temporarily until they land in a permanent setting.

Then there’s the entrepreneur. Virtual office space is the ideal solution for boot-strapping entrepreneurs who are looking to launch a business without the high overhead traditional office space demands. Virtual office solutions, ranging from virtual offices to virtual assistants and virtual receptionists, are a boon for entrepreneurs determined to establish a professional business image at pennies on the dollar and drive up productivity with affordable technology tools.


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