Why You Need a Virtual Mailing Address as a Travel Influencer

With the world opening back up, people are beginning to imagine traveling and spending time in exotic locations again. And those in the travel influencer space are deciding where to head first...and what to do with their mail.

For those with the jet setting lifestyle, there are a few options to consider for keeping up with your snail mail:

● Arrange for a trusted person to pick up your mail while you're away

● Put a hold on delivery

● Use a mail forwarding service

● Set up a virtual mailing address

While having a friend pick up your mail is a great solution for the occasional out-of-town stint, maintaining a professional business address is important for creating a credible brand. Travel influencers need to think about long-term business solutions for their mail so there's a consistent place for fans and collaborators to reach them. 

For many if not most, setting up business mail forwarding captures the best of both worlds. You'll have the dual benefit of maintaining a consistent street address for your business as well as having access to your mail wherever you are.

How Travel Influencers Can Use a Virtual Mailing Address Like a Pro

In order to be treated as a professional, travel influencers must treat their work as a business. This means being reachable, responding to inquiries in a timely fashion, meeting deadlines and following through on collaboration commitments.

It can be a struggle for online entrepreneurs to be taken seriously in a world optimized for brick and mortar. Setting up a virtual mailing address can make the difference between being seen as a hobbyist and being taken seriously. It allows you to pick up your mail or have it forwarded wherever you want, no matter where in the world your travels take you.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using a virtual mailing address:

● Projects a professional image

● Keeps your personal information private

● Separates your business and personal life

● Gives you a consistent mailing address

Starthub describes virtual office services as combining the benefits of having a physical office address with working remotely. It allows you to register your business in your preferred location and operate a level above other social media influencers who still broadcast from their home office.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Consider a Virtual Mailing Address

When your goal is to earn an income from your travel influencer business, it impacts how you approach each post. You plan your photos for maximum impact, you incorporate strong branding, you network to expand your reach and you work to build credibility with your fans and collaborators at every turn.

A common mistake many digital solopreneurs make is listing their home address as their business address. On the surface it makes sense, if you operate your business from your home, it is your place of business. However, sending business mail to a residential address doesn't scream professionalism. It also leaves you vulnerable, since you're sharing private information with strangers on the Internet. 

For these and many other reasons, it's in a travel influencer's best interest to have a separate business address. And while a PO Box is one option that gives you privacy, it doesn't offer the added convenience of having your mail held, sorted or forwarded like a virtual mailing address does.

Having your mail handled by a commercial brick and mortar location offers so much, including credibility, privacy, safety and convenience. Depending on which service you choose, there can be many additional features such as virtual mailbox and mail management services, access to meeting spaces, local and toll-free phone numbers, virtual receptionists and more.

Think of all the places adding a virtual mailing address benefits you and your company's marketing—websites, business cards, collaboration agreements and, of course, a place to send products, fan mail and maybe even checks.

As a travel influencer, you're promoting experiences but many times this also includes products to test out and share about. Being able to receive these wherever you are in the world without having to change or update your address every few weeks is a huge advantage. Plus it cuts out many possible miscommunications, especially if your location changes without much notice or something gets lost in transit or is delayed.

Working with brands and traveling the world is a dream come true. And putting a few professional services in place can allow you to grow and expand your business like you never thought possible.


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