Three Unlikely Perks of Working from Home

The beauty of Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is you can work in your PJs and drink straight from the milk carton in the comfort of your home while simultaneously maintaining a professional presence in the city of your choice. Perhaps you have a virtual office address in Los Angeles, New York City, or maybe even London, but no one has to know you’re wearing your bunny slippers under your desk as you send off your deliverables in your home office anywhere in the world.


Davinci Virtual Office Solutions provides you with the opportunity to benefit from the perks of working from home with a swanky business address elsewhere. Sure, you hear about saving on travel costs and car maintenance, but what other advantages will you experience working remotely?

Children’s Hugs

Sometimes you get stuck at the office late, a meeting runs over, or a deadline pops up out of nowhere. Sadly, it’s easy for your work life to take over your leisure life, pulling you away from quality time you could spend with your kids. When you work from home however, you can give the babysitter the boot and have your children at home with you as you work. Even if your kids are in the next room playing, they can easily provide you with the short breaks you need as they show off their finger paintings or building block constructions.

Puppy Dog Kisses

When you have the chance to work from home, it’s the perfect time to welcome a puppy into your life! Puppies take a lot of hard work and attention, but if you’re at home, you can provide it with the care it needs without having to drive home to take it for a walk every two hours. Walk, feed, and bond with your furry friend while you work in your own personal office. Working remotely allows you to spend more time with your pup without having to worry about finding a dog walker. And as an added bonus, pets have proven to reduce owners’ stress levels.

Brain Food

Working outside of your home opens up the doors to fast food drive-throughs, restaurants, and cafes. Not to mention the temptation of your co-workers’ junk food and lunch date offers. However, when you work at home, you have easy access to all your healthy food and last night’s leftovers. Studies show blueberries, tomatoes, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, and nuts are brain power food, so you can easily stock up your kitchen with these munchies, just a few feet away from your desk!


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