Three Signs Your Business May Need a Live Receptionist

It’s tricky starting a business and staying on top of all of the necessary components of building a successful company. Between pulling all-nighters, managing accounts, and scouting new clients and customers, there’s no doubt that a few calls and important messages fell through the cracks when you were single-handedly juggling all of your tasks. But let’s face it, a forgotten conference call here, and a lost voicemail there, negatively impacts the growth and success of your business. It’s probably time to hire a Davinci Live Receptionist.

1. Your business frequently loses track of important incoming calls and messages

If you’re drowning in your company’s incoming phone calls, it might be time you looked into hiring a live receptionist. A Davinci Live Receptionist will take care of your overwhelming inbound traffic while transferring your calls and taking voicemails according to your individual instructions. Not only do live receptionists assist you with the phone management your company desperately needs, but they also provide a professional first impression to your business.

2. The price of an in-house receptionist is outside of your current budget

Once you’ve accepted the fact your business can greatly benefit from a receptionist, realize you can employ a remote live assistant at much lower prices than hiring an in-house secretary. With an in-house receptionist, you may face a variety of costs, such as the rent of the office space; office supplies, including a computer, desk, phone, and Internet service; and let’s not forget the assistant’s healthcare and insurance.

These costs quickly add up, but with a Davinci Live Receptionist, you only pay a low monthly fee, without the added stress of providing a physical office setting with supplies and healthcare benefits. This once-a-month fee is significantly lower than hiring a personal in-house receptionist on your company’s own tab, so you can put the money you save back into expanding your business.

3. All of your employees work remotely

If your company already runs on a remote-based setup, then a live receptionist will effortlessly integrate into your current business setup. A virtual assistant provides your business with the opportunity to set up shop anywhere you choose while maintaining a professional and competent phone-answering service.


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