Things the Most Successful People Do Each Morning

You're an A player, ready to catch the world by the tail with your business model that's really going to blow all the rest out of the water. To make it work, you want to follow the example of other success stories. Pay attention to how the most successful people kick start their day each morning.

Be an Early Riser

That old saying, "The early bird gets the worm," is true enough. According to studies, getting up early in the morning can truly give you an edge over the competition as you become more productive and have a better outlook for your day. Steve Reinemund, the man behind the rise of the Pepsi Cola company, starts his day with a run at five in the morning. Starbucks' president Michelle Gass gets her run in even earlier, pounding the pavement at 4:30 a. m.

Get Focused

Start planning out your day as soon as you awake, setting your priorities straight, and motivating yourself to be your best. The late Steve Jobs would meet his reflection in the mirror at the beginning of every day. He'd evaluate his life and ask himself about what he would do if he only had that day to live. Mornings that begin with reflection or motivation is another great was to visualize success before you go out there and take charge.

Make Time for Family

There's no doubt that a well-rounded, content individual is going to be more productive. Make sure you ground yourself with quality time with your loved ones. Obie Mackenzie, Managing director of Blackrock, commutes for nearly an hour and a half with his wife, making the most of that time spent together every morning. Jane Francisco, editor-in-chief of Chatelaine, spends an hour of cuddling time with her young son before she's off to work. No matter which strategy works for you, remember that your mornings set the tone for the rest of your successful day.

Delegate Tasks

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