These Nations Take More Paid Vacation Days Than Any Other

After you read this article, you may want to move to Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden or the UAE. That’s because these nations all offer employees 30 days of vacation time a year. Yes, 30 days.

If those countries don’t suit your fancy, try Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, or the United Kingdom. Workers in these countries get 25 paid vacation days a year. Here’s a breakdown of other nations, according to data from Infoplease.com:

• Ireland: 21 days

• Australia: 20 days

• India: 20 days

• Japan: 20 days

• New Zealand: 20 days

• Canada: 15 days

• Hong Kong: 15 days

• Mexico: 15 days

• Singapore: 15 days

• South Korea: 15 days

• USA: 15 days

• Malaysia: 14 days

• Thailand: 10 days

It’s an interesting comparison to look at the world’s most stressed countries at this point. According to AtlasandBoots.com, Finland ranks 68th on a list of 74 countries. That’s a low stress level compared to Thailand, which ranks 35th. Noteworthy is the fact, though, that the United States ranks 54th on the list, despite having much less vacation time than other nations. 

The bottom line is work and vacation are what you make of it. You can take twice the vacation days as someone else in the world, but if you don't really wind down you won’t enjoy your vacation. If you are anxious about what is going on at work while you are sitting on a secluded beach, the thoughts tormenting your mind won’t let your body relax. 

You’ve probably read statistics about customer service. Market research firm Forrester reports that more than 65 percent of callers will not leave a message in a voice mail. Just one missed sales lead could mean thousands of dollars of lost income for your company.

You may need to hire a virtual assistant or a virtual receptionist to take your mind off work while you are away. With a virtual assistant, you won’t miss a sales lead that could turn into a new client because your phone lines will always be answered. 

Of course, not just any live receptionist can work at your high standards. It’s paramount that you select live receptionist firm that gets to know your business. 

Let me put it another way: You need to train live receptionists with the knowledge that they need to direct calls to the right people at the right time, take clear messages according to the guidelines that help you streamline communications, and otherwise understand the nuances of your business so they can be in synch with your company—and you can actually relax. Start planning for your vacation now—so you can really take one. 



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