The Value of Virtual Offices in a Recession

The economy is definitely improving in many areas, but the arbiters who declare the beginning and end of economic woes aren’t quite ready to declare an end to the Great Recession just yet.

On Monday, the National Bureau of Economic Research, the group of economists who make the declarations, declined to signal an end to the recession it said officially began in December 2007.

“Although most indicators have turned up, the committee decided that the determination of the trough date on the basis of current data would be premature,” the National Bureau of Economic Research said in a statement. “Many indicators are quite preliminary at this time and will be revised in coming months.”

Virtual offices in a recession
Many companies have discovered the value of virtual offices in a recession. The virtual office is a low-cost alternative to traditional office space, yet still gives entrepreneurs, small businesses and expanding enterprises access to all the office bells and whistles on demand.

With a virtual office, cautious companies can launch with a prestigious business address, a local or 800 phone number, and still work from a home office. Entrepreneurs who need to have a client meeting don’t have to invite the client to their home, or even a restaurant. Virtual office providers like Davinci Virtual offer meeting rooms and day offices for rent by the hour.

The virtual office has gained momentum from New York City to Seattle and most cities in between during the recession because it’s the most flexible, value-oriented officing solution on the market today. When you compare the cost of a virtual office at about $75 a month to renting an office space, even one for as little as $350 a month, it the value of virtual offices become clear.

Of course, there are other alternatives, such as co-working or jelly groups rising up in cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Atlanta. Although co-working is a less expensive way to tap into shared office space, virtual offices still let you work from the privacy of your own home without the distractions of other entrepreneurs.


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