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CresaPartners Heralds Rise of Alternative Workplace Strategies

Beyond writing for Davinci Virtual every day, I also write for GlobeSt.com. So when I saw my colleague Natalia Dolce writing about the office of tomorrow and alternative workplace strategies, it got my attention.

Dole featured Robin Weckesser, a principal of the Bay Area project management group at CresaPartners in San Jose. Let’s listen in to...

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Achoo! Virtual Offices Can Keep You From Catching Summer Colds

I just got over a cold. It didn’t last long—but it lasted long enough to disrupt my work and play for a couple of days. I never get sick, so I wondered how on earth I got this summer cold. Then I remembered being in Starbucks where a woman was hacking and didn’t have the courtesy to cover her mouth.

As it turns out, she wasn’t alone. About 25 percent of people don’t cover their mouth at all, according to a new swine flu study out of New ...

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Virtual Offices, West Nile Virus and Bomb Scares

There’s the whooping cough epidemic in California cities like Sacramento, the West Nile Virus threat in San Jose, and the bomb scare at the JFK International Airport that shut down the terminal for two hours. It’s enough to make you want to stay in your virtual office until the dust settles.

New York and New Jersey Port Authority officials evacuated a terminal...

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