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Can Virtual Offices Help Diffuse the Ticking Retirement Time Bomb?

BOULDER—Did you know that there are 77 million people in the United States that are 55 or older?

Indeed, we are at a tipping point—and employers can do one of two things: watch them sit on the sidelines, drawing from unsustainable entitlement programs and the general economy, or enable them to continue working and contribute to the country's economic growth and prosperity. Read more

FlexJobs Highlights Virtual Office Job Availability With Key Milestone

BOULDER—Just how many flexible jobs are there in the world? How many opportunities are out there to work from virtual offices?

Probably too many to count, but FlexJobs is offering some indication of how big the trend is actually getting. For the first time, FlexbJobs has surpassed 10,000 job openings on its Web site. All of the jobs offer some sort of flexibilit... Read more

Virtual Office Jobs See More Growth in February

BOULDER, CO—National Telework Week is underway. But what’s the state of the virtual office jobs market? What industries are most likely to allow telecommuting all year long?

That’s the question FlexJobs sets out to answer in its March report, which highlights career industries with flexible job growth, the saturation of jobs by state, who's hiring and which peop... Read more


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