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Why Overachievers Use Virtual Assistants

LOS ANGELES—I was reading an article in Forbes today called “5 Things Overacheivers Do Not Do.” TJ McCue penned the article that looks at what you should NOT do if you want to be a high achiever. He talked about not thinking small, not asking permission, not using e-mail before 9 a.m., not ending weakly, and not trying to do it all yourself.

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Why You Should Make Hiring a Virtual Assistant Your New Year’s Resolution

LOS ANGELES—This is the time of year when you sit down and write out your New Year’s resolutions—or at least tell your friends how you are vowing to improve your life. But New Year’s resolutions also apply to your business—and a virtual assistant should be on your list.

You should make hiring a virtual assistant a New Year’s resolution b...

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10 Things Virtual Office Users Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

LOS ANGELES—You need more time, but there aren’t more hours in the day. What’s a busy entrepreneur to do? How about outsource some of your administrative work to a virtual assistant?

“Using a virtual assistant can shave hours from your workweek, but knowing which tasks to delegate can be tricky, whether you're starting or growing a business. Most virtual assista... Read more

Using Virtual Assistants to Grow Your Business

TORONTO-Ecommerce Bytes had a good run down on using a virtual assistant to build your business. The article echoes some truths about virtual assistants that I’ve been pounding for a long time.

A virtual assistant is a person who works remotely to help you with various administrative tasks. A virtual assistant ty...

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Virtual Assistants Can Help Improve Your Customer Service

TORONTO—Could poor customer service be hurting your business? A virtual assistant can help you remedy your customer service issues in a hurry.

According to consumer firm [24]7, more than one-third of consumers have switched suppliers as a result of bad service and three in 10 have not signed up to a service because of the...

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