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Small Businesses Lean on Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is officially a top contending small business marketing tool. A whopping 73 percent of small businesses are using social media to market their business—and usage is trending upwards. So says a new study from Constant Contact.

What’s up with the 27 percent of small businesses that aren’t using social media to market their businesses? Well, they are beginning to open their eyes to these tools as well. Specifically, 6...

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What a Sign Company Can Teach You About Social Media

Looking for success in social media? Take a page out of the playbook of Signtronix, a 50-year-old manufacturer of signs for small businesses.

The signmaker reports a significant uptick in new business development—and stronger customer relations—by using Facebook and Twitter. Sure, many social media gurus make the promise of rising sales and word of mouth. But Signtronix has taken the social networking ball in its own hands and scored a s...

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What’s Your Social Media Program Worth?

Whether you are just getting into social media or you are already up and running, it’s important to remember this: You need to keep tabs on the your social media ROI.

Sure, social media has become a vehicle of influence. But that doesn’t mean it’s an automatic win. Yes, most small businesses need to invest some time, and maybe even a little money, into social media. But you shouldn’t just waste your days away putting up posts that aren’t... Read more


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