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Merry Christmas From My Virtual Office Space

MIAMI—If you celebrate Christmas, then I have two words for you: Merry Christmas! If you are looking for a belated Christmas gift for your mobile working friends, why not offer a subscription to a virtual office?

Many people are offering subscriptions to Netflix or Hulu or some other entertainment service this holiday season. But what better gift is there for a productivity-minded entrepreneur or on-the-go mobile worker ... Read more

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions Rolls Out Live Answering User Interface

SALT LAKE CITY—Here at Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, we’re always looking for new ways to help you make the most of virtual office technologies. With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce our new customer messaging and management interface.

This is a really cool improvement for our Live Answering clients that will make it easier for you to tap into your virtual office technologies no matter where you are.

H... Read more

Virtual Office Workers are Productivity Champions

MIAMI-I just read an article in Forbes magazine that offers what the author calls “surprising results” about virtual office workers.

Kate Harrison, an eco-entrepreneur, penned the article entitled, “Laz... Read more

Virtual Office Employees Keep Patent Office Operational During Hurricane Sandy

NEW YORK—Want to see the power of telecommuting from a virtual office in the federal government? Look no further than Hurricane Sandy and the United Stats Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

David Kaposs, director of the United Stats Patent and Trademark Office, recently wrote a blog post titled “A Day Like Any Other…” Kaposs was in office for Frankenstorm Sand... Read more

Should Virtual Office Workers Discuss Politics on Election Day?

NEW YORK—It’s Election Day. That means there’s going to be plenty of anticipation—and plenty of debate—in the workplace over who will become the next president of the United States. That opens the door to lots of bad blood in the workplace. But virtual office workers like me can avoid the political fray.

Indeed, politics are on everyone’s mind today and that’s n... Read more


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