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Small Businesses Consider Impacts of Rising Gas Prices

Gas prices are rising, and some analysts are predicting the price for premium fuel will hit $5 this summer. What kind of impact is that having on your small business? If you are like most small businesses, it really hurts. But there is good news from Washington and from the auto industry.

First, the bad news. More than 64 percent of small business owners in a DollarDays International survey blame rising gas prices for driving down revenu...

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Are High Gas Prices Giving You Indigestion? Here’s Some Help.

Great article in USA Today about how gas prices are impacting small business owners. Rhonda Abrams penned the article that brings the crisis in the Middle East a little closer to home by pointing to the still-rising oil prices and the burden on small businesses.

Down in Miami where I live, it was ...

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