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Virtual Offices Save Money, Give Employees More Freedom

ATLANTA—Sixty-seven percent of working adults agree that it is possible to “have it all” when it comes to work-life balance. Interestingly there is no significant difference in the study between women (68%) and men (66%). Could it be possible that these workers are using a virtual office?

A Moms Corp. survey has been digging into the issue of work-life balance. ... Read more

Is Virtual Office Work Better Than Business Travel?

ATLANTA-I just read a blog post in the Houston press that suggested six ways telecommuting is better than business travel. Jeff Balke wrote the article in the tech blogs section.

“I do know quite a few people who telecommute, at least part of the time. And, recently, businesses have begun to pass on business travel in favor of e-mail and teleconferencing,” Balke writes. “It cuts down on costs—if your travel is of the int... Read more

Flexible Working Pilot Saves Virtual Office Workers Time

ATLANTA—It was the biggest flexible working initiative ever—and the results are in. London-based wireless carrier O2 on Feb. 8 asked its entire workforce to work from virtual offices. That sent 12,000 employees off to work remotely for a day and essentially shut down its 200,000 square ...

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Virtual Office Technologies Part of BYOD Trend

ATLANTA—Real estate strategies are becoming part of business strategy—so where do virtual offices fit into the mix? CoreNet Global’s 2012 State of the Industry Report offers some insights into corporate real estate in a redefined world.

Emerging work strategies are changing the workplace. For example, space per person already averages 100 square feet or less in ... Read more

Atlanta Virtual Offices Encourage Telework From Peachtree

It’s official. Atlanta is the friendliest city for telework.

Information workers in Atlanta work remotely five days per month, one more than the national average, according to a recent Microsoft survey. They also report the highest support levels from colleagues and the highest use of secure internal social networking tools to collaborate with customers. Conversely, they also co... Read more


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