Social Media Helps Virtual Office Workers Connect With Colleagues

TORONTO—Do you see social media as as a way to build camaraderie with colleagues in the workplace? Forty-four percent of Randstad Canada’s survey participants do. When you work from a virtual office, social media can really help you connect the dotes.

Stacy Parker, executive vice president of Marketing at Randstad Canada, says social media and other initiatives have opened up a whole new world of social interaction.

“Team-building activities, open and common spaces, along with new communication channels like Intranets and social media play a big role in fostering communication and building relationships inside and outside work,” she says.

“It's clear that employees in Canada and around the world are taking advantage of these tools and opportunities to foster positive relationships and create the kind of work atmosphere that they enjoy working in.”

As Parker sees it, workplace friendships can be a good thing for a company's overall business. That includes virtual office friendships in my book. Social media can definitely help you get to know your fellow virtual office workers because you get to see their lighter side, even potentially some of their family life.

"There is no denying that workplace friendships can contribute to a positive workplace culture. It means increased productivity and creativity, heightened morale, enhanced personal performance and stronger team cohesiveness," Parker explains. "Employers who encourage a positive and collaborative workplace will gain a competitive edge when it comes to recruting top talent."

If you work in a virtual office, I think you should tap into social media channels. With Facebook and Google+, you can even segment your posts by who you want to see it. You could allow your virtual office friends to see more general posts and reserve more private issues for closer friends and family. I think building virtual office teamwork and social media sort of go hand to hand in the digital age.


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