Small Business Tips: Preparing Your Business for 2015

As the year’s end approaches, it’s likely that your plate is full with a list of things to do. Even though you’re busy, does that list feel a little incomplete—like you’re missing something? Here are a five small business tips and things to remember while preparing for a great 2015:

    1. Renew Website Domain URLs

It’s easy to forget when your domain registrations expire. As the end of the year approaches, check to ensure your company’s URLs will maintain that valuable real estate. Forgetting to do this means your site’s address is up for grabs to anyone who can pay for it. This mistake could be detrimental to your brand and your customers’ access to you. So, take some time to brush up on where you stand with that upcoming URL expiration.

    1. Trademark Renewals

In preparation for the new year, file post-registration paper work. You might need to include a renewal fee. This will help you ensure that your trademark is still active in the eyes of the state. Without doing this, it too can expire. As you reflect on your company’s productivity and get things prepared for another great year, take a little bit of time to make sure your trademark is in order.

    1. Increase Productivity With a Virtual Receptionist

In 2015, you can cut cost and increase productivity with virtual receptionist services from Davinci Virtual. This monthly paid service offers a live receptionist to help with various business needs any other well-qualified receptionist might perform.

Just because the receptionist is virtual, it doesn’t mean the service isn’t personal. Davinci’s virtual receptionists are well-educated and trained on your business’s services and needs. They can act as a resource for customer support, call screening, call forwarding, outbound calling, order processing, voicemail management, and other helpful services. You won’t have to worry about maintaining your business’ high-standard of professionalism. Davinci virtual receptionists are experienced, professionally trained receptionists based in the U.S. and working in an office setting.

Utilizing a virtual receptionist means your time can be freed of mundane tasks that seem to fill your day, but are unavoidable. Focus on the aspects of your business that you want to spend your time on.

    1. Sign up for Virtual Office Space

Often, it just isn’t practical for small businesses to rent or lease office space long-term. With client meetings only happening weekly or even more infrequently, the ROI just isn’t there. Though, you don’t want to list your business address as your home. With Davinci Virtual office space services, this doesn’t have to be an issue.

In preparation for the new year, consider your workspace and the benefits of virtual office space solutions. For a much smaller monthly fee than what you would pay toward a lease, you can have all the benefits a personal office space might offer. With this service, you can select a Davinci Virtual office space location, which is an actual office space for your business address. You can then use this address for local listings, business cards, etc. A Davinci Virtual office space package can include helpful services such as a lobby directory listing, mail forwarding, and also access to meeting rooms of all sizes.

    1. Utilize Meeting Room Rentals

Utilizing Davinci meeting room rental services is a fantastic way to further cut cost, maintain professionalism, and stay efficient. With thousands of davinci meeting room rental options across the globe, there’s sure to be a meeting room available to fit your needs—whether you are overseas or in the United States.

Davinci meeting rooms are a wonderful resource for both the stationary business owner as well as the traveling one. The mobile-friendly, on-the-go Davinci meeting room booking system app allows meeting hosts to quickly search for meeting room availability. Within minutes of searching, you can preview rooms with detailed images, specify any supplies or additional services you might need, and reserve.

Contact us to begin to prepare your business for the new year with the virtual office solutions provided by Davinci Virtual right away.


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