Optimize Workplace Plans with Virtual Office Space

We took a look at CRESAPartners principal Robin Weckesser’s view on alternative workplace strategies late last year. Now, the commercial real estate executive is offering more thoughts on this trend. In his latest blog post on the topic, he focuses on the main characteristics of optimizing workplace plans.

In quick summary of his posts, he cites characteristics such as smaller workstations, the new cube (without walls), reconfiguration to fill empty seats, hotelling, open spaces, common areas, and virtual offices.

“As stated earlier, the number of remote work settings is proliferating, thanks to broadband wireless for laptops, smartphones, iPads, and virtual webinar meetings.  Today’s 'office' may be a den, coffee shop, cafeteria, train, mall, motel, etc.” Weckesser writes, noting benefits such as staff recruiting and retention, along with better social networking, that come with optimizing workplace plans.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers companies the help they need executing alternative workplace strategies that include virtual office space. As Weckesser noted, technologies are helping to make virtual office space more practical.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers virtual office space, but also virtual office technologies like Web conferencing and live virtual chat to enable time-efficient meetings. But when you need to meet a client or have a team meeting in a traditional office space, virtual office users in cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and even smaller cities across the country and around the world can rely on Davinci to provide conference rooms and meeting rooms on demand.

An alternative workplace strategy isn’t right for every company—and a virtual office space isn’t right from every organization—but if your group is exploring the many benefits of optimizing workplace plans, virtual office space should be at the top of your list. For pennies on the dollar of leasing traditional office space, you can set up a virtual office infrastructure that drives greater productivity for your business.


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