Managers See Benefits From Virtual Office Work

LONDON--Employees want flex-work. They crave the workshifting freedom of setting up shop in a virtual office. But how do managers feel?

According to Vodafone’s “Exploring the shift in employee expectations” report, half of all managers surveyed feel that offering flexible working options makes them a more attractive prospect as a potential employer. What’s more, 85 percent of managers believe that employees now expect greater flexibility from the companies they work for.

This is good news for employees who are hoping to work from a virtual office space—and UK businesses seem to be rising to the demand. According to Vodafone, three-fifths of organizations surveyed now equip most employees with technology to work from anywhere—that includes a virtual office.

Why are managers in the UK so accommodating, at least in theory, to virtual office workers? In a word: results. UK managers understand the positive impact new ways of working make on both organizational performance and the bottom line.

  • Nearly 60% cite productivity as a top five benefit

  • 50% say flex-work enables a more flexible workforce

  • 54% say flex-work saves costs by reducing office space requirements

“Giving people the ability to work effectively wherever they are is a key element of building a better business,” says Peter Kelly, Enterprise Director at Vodafone UK. “This not only has a positive effect on the bottom line, but also employees’ job satisfaction. Companies with the most satisfied workforces have been successful in embracing flexible working and creating an environment where their employees have a better work-life balance.”

So there you have it: At least in the UK, both employee and employers see the value in virtual offices. Davinci Virtual has dozens of virtual office locations across the UK, as well as virtual office technologies to help employees and enterprises tap into the benefits of flexible working.


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