How to Tell If You Need to Hire a Receptionist

Is it time to hire a receptionist? If you’re a busy small business owner feeling swamped with office administrative work and mundane tasks related to client management, the answer should be YES. Time is money, and when it comes to call monitoring, scheduling appointments, worrying about missing calls, and losing steam with lead generation, the value of a reliable, professional, and qualified receptionist seems invaluable. However, those types are hard to come by—let alone expensive to maintain.

Have you heard of virtual receptionist services? Chances are that you have, but you didn’t entertain the idea. Though it might come as a surprise, more and more small business owners are seeing the great value in virtual receptionists. Just because they are “virtual” doesn’t mean they are impersonal. In fact, Davinci virtual receptionists are live, trained, U.S.-based employees that can perform the same important, busy tasks any on-site receptionist can do. Not to mention, it is a much more cost effective option.

Live virtual receptionist service tasks:

Finding a way to attend to customers in a timely, professional fashion without relying on automated systems is key to maintaining the same high-level of professionalism as corporate competitors. Instead of hiring an employee and paying for their supplies, training, and space for them to work, a Davinci Virtual receptionist is a great option. Some of the office tasks Davinci’s live virtual receptionists might perform include:

Call screening/forwarding: Calls can be screened or forwarded to any applicable phone number or voicemail.

Specialized live answering: While many calls are important client inquiries or new business leads, many are also calls not necessarily needing a full-time employee’s attention. Utilizing a virtual receptionist allows businesses to maintain the live personable touch of a full-time receptionist without paying the full-time compensation. Business owners can rest assured all calls are answered to help clients feel important and satisfied with your customer care.

Customer service: A Davinci Virtual receptionist—trained in company policy, procedures, etc.—can attend to customer service inquiries and even process orders. Imagine the time you can save your staff by utilizing a live virtual receptionist for customer service support.

Appointment reminders: Avoid automated reminders and continue to build a personable relationship with your customers by using a friendly virtual receptionist.

Davinci Virtual even provides specialized virtual receptionists for fields including Healthcare and Law. In many cases, health care and legal professionals require their receptionists be trained on industry standards and regulations to maintain compliancy as well as a professional reputation.

Davinci Virtual health care receptionists:

The Davinci Virtual receptionists experienced in the health care field are HIPPA trained to ensure your practice or firm remains HIPAA compliant. With these trained receptionists, business owners don’t have to worry about maintaining confidentiality or meeting other industry requirements. Important office work can be delegated to these live virtual receptionists to help lighten the workload for office managers and business owners.

Davinci Virtual law office receptionists:

The legally-trained Davinci live virtual receptionists are aware of important regulations and client confidentiality requirements—making them the perfect option for call screening, forwarding, responsive live answering, customer service support, etc. These legal professionals are experienced in working with firms of all sizes and strive to maintain polite, professional communication with clients that focus on specific legal practices’ needs.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more support when it comes to call monitoring, customer service, and lead generation? Feel confident your company will maintain the high-level of professionalism it strives for while staying industry compliant—and stop losing the “should I hire a receptionist” battle by getting started with a Davinci virtual receptionist today.


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