How the right area code can give your company a competitive edge in business

In today’s competitive business world, perception is everything. You have to make the right first impression and maintain a favorable image in every aspect of your business, no matter how small you think that aspect might be. Even something as simple as having a recognizable area code can make a big difference when it comes to credibility. A familiar area code or toll-free number makes your company look more professional and reassures consumers that you’re running a legitimate business. And according to a Business Insider article, “800 numbers make your small business look bigger,” which can be crucial when you’re going up against big competitors. However, if you’re a small business owner, chances are you’re taking a lot of the calls right out of your home and are using your personal number or cell phone. There’s a better way. With Davinci’s virtual office services, you can get a phone number with the right area code as well as hire a live virtual receptionist to answer all your phone calls.

A Virtual Office Phone Number

If you’re a small business owner trying to compete in the same space as larger companies, then you know the importance of establishing your business in the right location. And a virtual office phone number makes it easy. You can work out of your home and select a local number that shows you have a business presence in any major city around the world, resulting in your target audience feeling more at ease when purchasing your product or service. Davinci Virtual offers toll-free numbers that can be applied to your phone and fax line, giving your contact information a more professional feel.. The stakes are high for small businesses these days, and something as simple as the right area code and number can go a long way to adding that professional touch consumers have come to expect.

Virtual Receptionist

When clients or prospects call and email your business, they expect to talk and interact with a live person. Virtual receptionists are able to take calls, respond to emails and answer questions on web chat for all your business needs. They can be specifically trained in your business and industry, so your customers and clients are always receiving the right answers to their questions.

With a live virtual receptionist, your clients will speak with a real person with the time and experience to answer questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, so you can focus your efforts on growing your business successfully. This alternative offers the best of both worlds; you get the level of service you expect without the expenses of salary and benefits—all at a low monthly cost.

Virtual receptionist services are also a great solution if you’re looking to grow your business overseas and establish an international presence in multiple markets. Combined with local numbers for all locations, you are able to gain an advantage over your competitors. Contact us and get the competitive edge in business with a live virtual receptionist and a virtual office phone number from Davinci today.


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