How Live Receptionists Can Help You Unwind on Your Summer Vacation

If you are like most small business owners, you are working more and vacationing less. In fact, you feel like you’ve got far too much to do in a day to take a day off.

A Sage North America survey reveals 37 percent of small business owners are working an extra 11 hours or more a week than they did before the Great Recession. Sixty-eight percent are working longer days and weekends too. And 43 percent said they have taken “significantly” or “somewhat” less downtime over the past three years.

Sound familiar? You may reason to yourself, “Who will hold down the fort while I’m gone? Who will answer the phone lines to deal with new business inquiries or customer service calls? How can I rest well knowing the phones are ringing and nobody is answering?”

You can take vacation—you can take your much-needed downtime—without leaving your phone ringing off the hook or sending callers to a lifeless voicemail. You can tap into Virtual Receptionist services, also called Live Receptionists, while you are unplugged.

You can temporarily opt for a Live Receptionist service while you take some deserved days off. In other words, you don’t have to get tied down to a virtual receptionist service full time just to get some downtime. You can keep your well-oiled machine running and put the call-answering hat back on when you’re refreshed and ready to run again.

Although Live Receptionists have been in the market for many years, many small business owners don’t consider this solution. There are misconceptions around virtual receptionists. For example, a Live Receptionist answers calls—but that’s not all a virtual receptionist does.

When you hire a Live Receptionist to cover you during your vacation, they can take on varied administrative tasks to keep your business rolling forward. A Live Receptionist can offer your business hours, answer questions about what you offer, make sales calls, take product orders and handle any number of other customer service functions in the interim.

Backed by technology, Live Receptionist services can offer up data that helps you better understand how your business is performing. You can, for example, access a report that offers details about incoming call history. You may recognize patterns in this data that helps you grow your business.

The data you now have access to can show you the draw of various promotions you’ve pushed out through e-mail or social media or some other marketing campaign. Let’s say before you go on vacation you did some Facebook advertising for a summer special on your service that is redeemable the week you get back. The Live Receptionist can help you capture and process those leads so you can hit the ground running when you return to the office.

Live Receptionists can be a godsend if you want to rest peacefully on your vacation. And, who knows, you might find that it’s a virtual office technology you want to keep using.


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