Happy Thanksgiving From My Virtual (Mobile) Office

ORLANDO—I’m not working in my virtual office today, but I am still tapping into virtual office technologies to keep abreast of breaking news. After all, it’s what I do.

Virtual office workers tend to stay more plugged in—and therefore more productive—than traditional office workers. Well, that’s partially my opinion based on my personal experience and partially my view after reading so many studies about how modern workers keep checking email even during vacation.

I am a cross between a mobile worker and a virtual office worker, I suppose. In any case, virtual office technologies are what keep me up and running whether I am sitting in front of my large-screen Mac or working remotely on my iPad.

I wonder how many virtual office workers are like me, constantly checking social media, Facebook and even using web conferencing to stay in touch with far-away family over the Thanksgiving holiday? Give me a shout if you are tapping into virtual office technologies this Thanksgiving—even if you aren’t actually working.

My guess is virtual office technologies are blurring the lines between working and playing. In any case, I’ll be back to my virtual office tomorrow to offer more virtual office perspectives you can trust.


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