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The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home

A successful remote workforce is created based on trust and professionalism. Employees who are treated with trust and respect will be more motivated and relaxed while working from home.

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Does a Real Estate Broker Have to Have an Office? 4 Reasons Why Not

 It is 2020—does a real estate broker have to have an office to run a successful business anymore? While having a physical location has traditionally been a sign of professionalism and status, the recent and ongoing global pandemic makes maintaining a brick-and-mortar office difficult, at least for the foreseeable future.

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Post-Pandemic Office Design Strategies to Use When You Return to Work

The reality is that office workspaces will not go away for most businesses. But what they look like and what work policies businesses enact will look different than they did before the pandemic.

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How to Set Boundaries When You Work from Home

The new work-from-home normal has been disruptive for many professionals who never fathomed the need to work from their homes until a few months ago. Lack of dedicated workspaces, housemates and spouses also working from home, kids attending school online, and other distractions can create countless distractions. The result is more than a degradation in productivity. Working from home can impact work-life balance and even affect others in the household.

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A Comprehensive Guide of Returning to the Office

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to loosen, more businesses will be opening their doors and returning to the office, but at what cost? The office environment must evolve with the times, which means improved health equipment, updated regulations, and possibly, an entirely new layout.

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