Does Your Virtual Office Provider Keep Your Information Secure?

Did you know that about 1 in 5 (20 percent) employees globally said they have noticed strangers looking at their computer screens in public, while an additional 19 percent admitted that they never think to check their surroundings?

So says Cisco. Those are some of the findings in its Cisco Connected World Report. What’s more, nearly one in five (17 percent) employees admitted leaving devices unattended in public. And almost three of every five employees globally (58 percent) admitted that they have allowed non-employees to use their corporate devices unsupervised.

As workforces become more distributed, the potential for data loss increases. One of four IT respondents (26 percent) said one-fourth of the devices issued to employees in the past 12 months had already been lost or stolen. In addition, security and risk management concerns inevitably grow.

Cisco’s findings indicate the real need for better corporate policies, end-user education, and stronger, trusted relationships between employees and IT departments. How well IT brokers these relationships impacts a company's growth, productivity, competitive advantage, as well as its risk management.

Davinci Virtual fully supports corporations that are exploring alternative workplace strategies. Virtual offices are the product, but Davinci goes deeper with services like virtual receptionists, Cisco WebEx web conferencing, virtual assistants and Live Chat. Together, these tools enable a secure virtual office. And our corporate policies ensure your company’s information is held in confidence.


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