Davinci Virtual Mentioned in SmartPlanet Article

I’ve been seeing more and more articles in the past 12 months about virtual offices, virtual receptionists and virtual assistants – and Davinci Virtual has been the centerpiece of many of them.

Davinci Virtual is making headlines again as part of the trend toward virtual receptionists. SmartPlanet.com highlights Davinci Virtual in an article entitled, “Virtual receptionists replacing the real thing.”

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Clearly a victim of tough economic times and improved phone forwarding and answering technology, receptionists have succumbed to the virtual world. In the flesh, they are hard to find. And so are numbers that attest to their dwindling ranks. Let’s face it, working as a receptionist is usually low-paying and stressful during busy times. But the phone still needs answering so filling in the gap are “virtual receptionists” in the form of Internet-based software.  While the human interaction is lost, virtual receptionists have some features live ones do not. When was the last time a real receptionist texted you about an important call? Or worked 24/7 (there’s labor laws against that)? A virtual receptionist works for peanuts and doesn’t demand benefits.”

The SmartPlanet article does a good job of exploring the possibilities of a virtual receptionist and even dives into the topic of virtual offices as an alternative to traditional office space. I expect to see more coverage of virtual offices and virtual receptionists throughout the economic downturn – but I don’t expect the trend to stall when the recession is over. Virtual offices and virtual receptionists have proved their salt and I imagine many companies large and small will continue to explore the possibilities.


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