Davinci 101: Outmaneuver the Giants in Your Industry

It's over. The era of large corporations squeezing out the little guy is behind us. More and more small businesses and entrepreneurs are adopting business services that give them increased mobility, lower overhead, faster response times, and access to resources that were previously impossible to reach. Some of these game changing services you already have access to; but you may not be using them to their full potential. Virtual office addresses are changing the landscape of the B2B and B2C worlds, and here's how it's happening.

Globalization used to be an option only for enterprise level businesses with deep pockets, near endless resources, and huge workforces. Today the one man shop and small businesses are enjoying equal access to diversified markets and geographic locations. With the Internet, search engines, worldwide shipping, and virtual office services, it's all possible and it's sharply on the rise.

Virtual office users are finding it possible to outmaneuver large corporations by removing the trappings of maintaining a physical office space. With mail forwarding, live receptionist services, and affordable meeting room rental availability worldwide, small teams and individuals are capable of greater mobility than the more slow-moving corporations.

While large businesses are still sending out and gathering RFP and bids, the new, more mobile entrepreneur has already met with potential clients face to face and closed the deal.

Recent studies in the UK have shown that the number of under 35-year old men and women starting businesses has increased by 70% since 2006, and the trend is on the rise worldwide. With today's virtual office tools, offered by Davinci, the so called little guy is now starting to run the show while the industry giants struggle to adapt.

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