Can You Run a Law Firm as a Virtual Office?

Running a successful law firm requires strategic planning at all levels. This is most evident in the way you handle each individual matter that is brought into your law firm, but it is also true of the way you aim to attract new clients, choose the core of your practice, and how you select the market where you establish your law firm. 

All of these decisions have definitely been made a lot easier through the evolution of technology and tools such as social media, smartphones, and virtual offices that allow you to establish your law firm anywhere in the world. 

But with more options and possibilities it has also become much more important to be careful to make the choices that will benefit you and your law firm the most. 

 Running your law firm as a virtual office is not only viable, but also a fantastic choice if you are looking to capitalize on the flexibility and the great tools that come with having your own virtual office. 

With a virtual office it is easy for law firms to expand into new markets. The best part is that you can be very specific when choosing your new address so that it reflects your law firm’s values, while also exposing your firm to the largest amount of ideal clients. 

So if you specialize in financial law you can set up a virtual office in New York’s financial district, if your law firm is focused on entertainment law, then having your headquarters in LA makes sense, or if you practice oil and gas law, your best bet is to establish your firm in Houston.

Choosing a sensible location may be one of the most defining factors that determine the success or failure of your law firm. You may be the best lawyer in the world, but if you aren’t close to the action then very few people will hire you. 

A virtual office also provides your law firm with benefits such as access to fully equipped meeting rooms where you can meet your clients in person or through video conference, day offices which you can use for focused work  or to prepare a case, a mail handling and forwarding service so you can be sure that you get all the important correspondence with judges, colleagues, and clients. You can also hire a live receptionist to handle all incoming calls as well as set up meetings and manage your schedule. 

The best part is that all of these options are both easy to set up, and easy to cancel if you find that you no longer need any of the services. This takes the risk out of testing the waters and finding out what works for your law firm. 


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