Can Two Businesses Have the Same Address?

Can two businesses have the same address? There are many reasons you may want to register your business at the same location as another business is registered.

For example, some businesses opt to split the cost of office space by operating out of the same location. Others register with a virtual address to avoid registering their private home address or to be location independent.

But is this allowed? Is there a limit to how many separate businesses can use the same address? 

Can two businesses have the same address?

Short answer: Yes, two businesses can have the same address. There is no official limit to how many businesses can be registered at the same location. Sharing an address is ideal for organizations that don't require a private location for clients or customers, such as sole proprietors, freelance service providers or entrepreneurs.

Should I register my business at a virtual office or a physical office space?

While your business must be tied to an address, business owners can choose whether it is the same as their physical location or not. The right answer changes based on what's best for each individual and their unique business needs.

Virtual office

Using a virtual address allows you to have a legitimate professional business address without having to operate out of that location. You can also benefit from mail receipt and forwarding, phone call redirection, lobby directory listings, access to meeting rooms or presentation tools and more.   

Physical office space

If you're already running a business out of an office space and decide to launch another business, registering the new business at the existing business address is an obvious choice. This is also a good option if you require a physical location for files or employees or need a base to meet with clients or customers.

Considerations when thinking about registering your business address

While it's perfectly legal to register your business address at the same location as other businesses, there are other scenarios to consider.

P.O. Box versus street addresses

Renting a post office box is an easy way to receive mail privately without publicizing your home address. However, businesses are not allowed to register at a P.O. box and many delivery services will not deliver parcels to P.O. boxes. Therefore, having a physical or virtual address is the advisable alternative to a P.O. box!

Online implications

For most companies, being discoverable online is paramount and online reviews can make or break a business.

To gain more visibility on Google, businesses can create a listing or profile through Google My Business. Business owners don't have to have a physical location to have a listing on this platform, but they do need to make in-person contact with customers

Before your listing is published, you'll need to verify your business. This ensures only rightful owners can manage a business listing. This step includes confirming legal distinction and a unique phone number.

In many cases, Google My Business will approve listings for businesses that are registered at the same location as other businesses. However, if you rent a room or space out of another business (for example, if you're an independent lash technician or hair stylist operating out of a salon) or work out of a co-working space and try to register that address, Google My Business may not approve this.

Another consideration is the SEO impact of registering a business at the same address of another business. If someone is searching by location for a product or service, Google will prioritize the company it feels has the strongest claim to that address and display that listing.

So, can two businesses have the same address? Yes they can. However, determining whether or not this is the best choice for your business comes down to what your needs are and what makes the most sense for your clients or customers.


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