A Businessperson’s Guide to Virtual Offices in NYC

Just because your business doesn’t have an esteemed address doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taken seriously. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Investors, clients, and others will inevitably judge your capabilities and chance for success based on something as simple as where you are located. If you can’t afford real estate in the priciest neighborhoods, travel a lot for work, or happen to work from home, this can be problematic for business. 

Don’t worry. At Davinci, we can solve this problem for you with our many rental listings of virtual offices in Manhattan. We have offices available in the neighborhoods where business is done best and will break down the costs, features, and benefits of renting a virtual office—and how virtual offices work.

City Business Profile

There’s no other city in the world like New York City, which is why businesspeople from all over the world flock here. With a fast-paced lifestyle, work-intensive culture, and some of the best art and food offerings anywhere, Manhattan’s heart beats with motivation and the drive for success. 

In NYC, there’s a neighborhood for everything, but when it comes to networking with like-minded people and closing big deals, the six heavy-hitting sectors include:

• Wall Street: This is where financial institutions thrive. If you're striking out in this trade, you can’t beat a Wall Street address.

• Fifth Avenue: This avenue runs through all of Manhattan and boasts the city’s best retail spaces. You could certainly benefit from having an address on Fifth Avenue if you’re searching for fashion startup offices in NYC.

• Silicon Alley: It has become the tech center of the city, surrounded by the giants of the industry. If you need tech startup office space in NYC, an address in Silicon Alley can boost your standing.

• Madison Avenue: This street has been synonymous with advertising for years. The architecture is stunning, and you can get a perfect Madison Avenue address to complement your branding and marketing skills.

• Broadway: The area thrives in the tourism realm because of its world-class theater offerings and proximity to Times Square. Just think, your travel business could call a Broadway address its very own.

View other virtual offices located all over Manhattan.

Why Get a Virtual Office in Manhattan

There are plenty of reasons why getting a virtual office in NYC is such a good idea. With costs skyrocketing and the demand for flexibility being greater than ever before, renting without the need for a long-term lease just makes good sense.

The price of a traditional office in Manhattan is the most expensive in the United States with the average at about $1,773 per square foot of real estate. Add on top of that the price of utilities and maintenance, and it becomes impossible for most small businesses to afford a location in the city. 

This is why utilizing the address and services of a virtual office NYC meeting room is such a smart idea. You’ll get the prestigious location you need at a cost anyone can afford, starting at only $50 per month.

Other reasons to get a Manhattan-based virtual office are to give you the flexibility that today’s businesspeople (and their clients) are quickly getting accustomed to having. Now you can work from anywhere without paying for a lease you’re not using or worrying about the inconvenience, downtime, and cost of a commute. 

Virtual Office Options in NYC

For anyone renting a midtown virtual office, the included amenities and services are plentiful—and even more optional services available at a moment’s notice. 

Mail receipt and forwarding allow you to receive business mail at your Davinci virtual office address in New York City, even when you are not there.

•  Registered Agent and Business Formation Services let you receive and sign SOP or other official notifications. 

• A listing in the lobby directory shows visitors that you’re official, giving your business credibility and an impressive image.

• A lobby greeter who takes business professionalism to the next level will welcome and assist your visitors and meeting guests.

• Day offices can be reserved at any time.

• A business support center with copying, printing, faxing, shipping, office supplies, and secretarial services are always available.

• Access to fully-equipped conference rooms and meetings spaces with internet and presentation tools for rent by the hour or day.  

• Catering services that ensure your meeting goes on without interruption.

• Everything you expect from a modern business address (other than the big price tag) is right at your fingertips when you rent a virtual office from Davinci.

View and Reserve a Virtual Office in Manhattan

Whether you want an address uptown, midtown, downtown, or anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered with a prestigious place you can be proud to use for all your business needs. View Davinci’s wide selection of locations all over Manhattan, and you’re sure to find a place that will help you impress any investor, client, job applicant, and customer alike.  

Reserve a virtual office in NYC or contact Davinci to get expert help finding the perfect location while still sticking to your budget.


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