Brand Q&A: Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

ConsumerAffairs accredited brand Davinci Virtual Office Solutions maintains customer satisfaction through a no customer left behind customer service policy.

Davinci provides virtual office services to help small businesses maintain a global presence on a local budget. Along with local or toll-free phone and fax numbers, live receptionist services and live web chat, Davinci also offers prime business addresses at over 1500 locations worldwide, and over 5000 meeting rooms and workspaces for rent.

A brand partner since 2016, Davinci finds success through review collection, referral paths and organic discovery of their ConsumerAffairs.com profile.

We recently sat down with the Davinci team to learn more about how they approach customer feedback, and how they tackle reputation management with the ConsumerAffairs for Brands platform.

Sharing with us today is CEO, Martin Senn.

Can you provide a quick overview of what Davinci Virtual does?

Davinci provides you with the image and resources of a fortune 500 company, at a fraction of the cost. A business address without the rent? A great workspace without a lease? A receptionist without the salary? Davinci offers you all this, and so much more.

How do customers typically learn about your products and services?

Paid and organic search, word of mouth, partner and affiliate channels

What does the buying cycle look like for your industry?

Most transactions occur between first touch and 14 days. Many prospects look for validation prior to purchase.

How important are customer reviews and ratings in the purchase of your product?

Very important, as many prospects look for validation prior to purchase. The data [from reviews] allows us to react quickly to potential challenges while keeping pulse on our product and service performance.

How does your company think about customer reviews?

We are very focused on obtaining independent reviews. The data allows us to react quickly to potential challenges while keeping pulse on our product and service performance.

What is your approach to customer service?

“No unhappy customers – ever.” We attempt to resolve all issues completely at first touch. We value our customers across all service channels. This focus is embedded in our culture.

What challenges led you to look for a solution like ConsumerAffairs?

We wanted to implement a reputable, independent 3rd party review process.

What types of goals or tasks are you using the ConsumerAffairs for Brands platform to accomplish?

Verified reviews, lead generation and outbound review collection.

The outbound review collection and the ability to combine the review platform with a lead referral system was a big deciding factor. We also enjoy the opportunity to be found organically when people search for related terms. ConsumerAffairs] is part of our overall product positioning and customer care strategy.

How do you measure the value ConsumerAffairs provides?

Number of reviews received, leads received and organic listings. It is part of our overall product positioning, service validation, and customer care strategy.

What do you like most about using ConsumerAffairs?

The product and processes are sound. The platform provides measurable returns.

How would you describe the product if you were explaining it to a friend?

Consumer Affairs is a mature, independent, 3rd party consumer review platform. It provides relevant review data while investing in organic listings and functioning, not just as a listing service but also a lead gen platform.

To learn more about Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, visit their website or check out the reviews on their ConsumerAffairs profile page.


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