3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Copywriting to a Virtual Writer

Copywriting is one of the most important components of business marketing, according to a panel of experts from the Forbes Communications Council. In fact, research has found that readers only consume approximately 20% of copy on a standard page, making it extremely important to make every written word count. While there are undoubtedly countless businesses that sport extremely talented in-house copywriters, there are other very viable options to consider, such as outsourcing to virtual copywriters. Apart from obtaining a third-party perspective on copywriting requirements, outsourcing to a virtual copywriter can benefit a business in various other ways.

You can expect better results

Here, at Davinci Virtual, we understand how a virtual workforce has the potential to become a business’s greatest asset. Just like a virtual receptionist can boost productivity, outsourcing to a virtual copywriter can ensure better marketing results. When outsourcing your copywriting to an experienced SAAS copywriter, for instance, you can rest assured knowing that you would not have to contend with confusing and boring messaging in your marketing copy. Instead, they understand both the technical and best SEO practices relating to the industry and can therefore create captivating copy accordingly. The same would apply to copywriters that are focused on rendering a service within any other industry.

You will save time

By taking copywriting off your team’s to-do list you automatically present them with one of the rarest commodities within any business – extra time. Very often, businesses are clueless about how much time it can take to create quality content, especially if the person doing it is not suitably experienced. A big chunk of copywriting that will take an internal writer a month to complete, for instance, may be completed in as little as two weeks by a virtual copywriter. In addition to saving time, internal costs can also be decreased considerably by outsourcing copywriting. Only enlisting the services of a virtual writer when it is needed will likely cost substantially less than hiring a full-time employee.

You will be part of a rapidly growing trend

Over the past few years, business environments as we know them have become increasingly digitized. With remote work increasing exponentially over the past 18 months, businesses of all sizes have also become more reliant on a virtual workforce than ever before.  Not only are an increasing number of businesses making use of everything from virtual office spaces to live web chat services, but outsourcing copywriting to virtual writers is also becoming the norm rather than the exception. By doing so, a business can also tap into very specific skill sets as required. Apart from being part of a growing trend, outsourcing copywriting can also ensure volume and consistency as far as all marketing copy is concerned.

Outsourcing copywriting to a virtual writer can prove to be a very smart move. Apart from ensuring consistency and volume, you will also save both time and money while enjoying better results.


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