Alternatives to PO Boxes

In 2023, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) reported that mail theft was rising, with blue collection boxes being broken into and letter carriers being robbed while on their delivery routes.

The current vulnerability of the mail system may inspire business owners to investigate alternative mailbox services, especially if they regularly receive parcels, checks or money orders by post.

For basic mail needs with security and privacy, a PO Box will likely do the trick. These boxes are located within a post office station and are accessible with a key or lock combination.

However, PO Boxes have limitations such as:

You cannot use a PO Box as an address for your LLC or corporation

● Many PO Boxes can only receive mail from USPS, not other carriers

● Large packages cannot be delivered to PO Boxes

● You are location-dependent

If you are in a situation where your business requires a similar service to what PO Boxes offer, but you need a physical street address or something more professional, then investing in a virtual mailbox service may be the right choice for you.

9 PO Box alternatives for business owners

A virtual mailbox service allows business owners freedom and flexibility while still protecting and delivering their physical mail. Some of the services provided by a virtual mailbox include:

● Instant notifications

● Online mail viewing

● Mail opening and/or scanning

● Mail shredding/recycling/disposal

Mail/package forwarding

There are many virtual office and mailbox options available, with everything from standard to premium features and services. Here are a few to consider.

Anytime Mailbox

There are more than 1,800 Anytime Mailbox locations around the world, and users are able to select which location they want their mail delivered to. Services include opening and scanning mail, mail forwarding, mail shredding and check depositing.

Business Anywhere

Business Anywhere is a virtual mail service offering the option for users to digitize their postal mail. Services include company formation (US LLC or corporation), registered agent service and online notary.


Davinci offers virtual office spaces and services from thousands of virtual office locations worldwide. Features include a professional business address, mail receipt and forwarding, access to meeting rooms and workspaces, a lobby directory listing and more.

Earth Class Mail

As far as alternatives to PO Boxes go, Earth Class Mail is a popular choice. It delivers scanned mail through digital storage apps like Google Drive and Dropbox and allows for integrations with accounting software such as Xero, Bill.com and QuickBooks Online.

PO Box Zone

PO Box Zone is a basic service similar to a standard PO Box, with the added feature of making your mail immediately accessible online. One drawback is there are few options for acquiring a street address, but if that isn't something you need then this will be fine.

Sasquatch Mail

For people who only need mail forwarding, Sasquatch Mail makes a good choice. The service offers the option to have physical mail forwarded or scanned, allowing for either a digital or physical mail experience.

Sphere Mail

Sphere Mail calls their service a "decentralized enterprise mailroom management and virtual offices solution." While they specialize in mail management, the company also has a variety of other service options such as remote online notary services, customized branding and white label open API.

US Global Mail

Created in partnership with USPS, US Global Mail is a virtual mailbox service that forwards mail worldwide. Users can read, ship, print, save and download their mail. There are also accounting software integrations available to assist with invoicing and payments. 

There is no shortage of products and services available for business owners requiring a cost-effective, secure, virtual solution for mail handling. Virtual mailbox solutions provide a professional and flexible way to run a company from anywhere while still being accessible and convenient for customers and clients.


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